Scanner v1.47.0 Update


Ingress scanner v1.47.0 is slowly being released to agents in the field! This update includes bug fixes and a few enhancements.

Portal images shown when picking up a key

SMS Verification support for Japanese and German
EDIT: Japanese and German support added. (Thanks for the info guys)

New Agent training enhancements
While we are not 100% sure what this means yet, we are testing it out and will update this post with relevant information as we find it. Best guess, the Mission guides have been updated to reflect the various scanner updates.

Operation Essex was able to share some information from the latest APK hinting at a Capsule item. We don’t know much yet, but the following messages were extracted from the code. Foundation for Bulk Drops?

<0007> const-string/jumbo v1, string@”CAPSULE”
<000a> const-string/jumbo v3, string@”Capsule”
<000d> const/16 v4, #000b
<000f> const-string/jumbo v5, string@”A storage container that can hold other objects (can’t hold another Capsule).”

<0204>  const-string/jumbo v2, string@”The capsule did not recognize an item.

<020e>  const-string/jumbo v2, string@”Unrecognized item in the capsule.”

APK Mirrors
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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  1. This was a feature request I’d put out a couple of times, receiving lots of +1s. As a ‘keymaster’ in Australia, I have had the misfortune of having to spend hours at a time dropping and picking up keys in keyswaps while documenting them. Adding to the pain of on-the-spot selection of keys during a keyswap, when you’re in a location that’s not familiar to you your keylist will be in a bit of a messy state (distance-wise), so being able to pre-package keys will take this from a painful experience to one with negligible pain.

    I would also like to see some surrounding features:
    – dropped/picked-up key names logged, log savable to SD card (for ad-hoc assessment of what’s been dropped/picked-up).
    – ability to lock a capsule with a pin-code or perhaps even a glyph sequence. It would be neat if those without the code could still attempt to crack a capsule open, perhaps with a special item acting like a jimmy key – that idea harks back to Ultima IV type games where you had a chance of picking the lock of chests, sometimes getting poisoned by booby-traps.

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  5. just a bit of speculations. Do you think the capsule will only use one place in the inventory even if it’s full of other items? this would explain the limitation of “no capsule inside other capsule”.

  6. You can always check the certificate yourself by opening the APK with 7zip and checking the META-INF\cert.rsa file against old ones. It’s certainly not as easy as MD5, but does work.

    Also note that as long as you have a play store version installed android will NOT let you replace it with any other version than a legitimately signed one.

  7. A capsule would be nice not just for ‘storing’ inventory but transferring. Working across large distances, I’ve sat in parking lots for half am hour trading inventory. Would be nice if predetermined items were placed in capsule and then dropped for whatever party retrieves it.

  8. also new:
    – when hacking, the 3d models of items are now the same as in inventory
    – glyph hacking bonusses are now correctly displayed (normal item window used to be missing when there would only be items on that, that also appear on the bonus page)

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Scanner v1.47.0 Update

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