Next Generation of Heat Sinks


Heat Sinks got a surprise update today just before this weekend’s anomaly! This might be to compensate for any potential gear shortages caused by the recent update to shields.

iqTECH states the following regarding the new update:

Heatsinks are now viable as soon as they are deployed on Portals, enabling Hacking on burnt out Portals immediately. In addition, with exceptional improvements to Portal cooling after deployment, the new Heatsink mod will allow an additional four (4) Portal Hacks in the four (4) hours following its deployment.

DeCoder SQL did some field testing for us with assistance from Agents Dando and ButlerG. Here is what we know about the new Heat Sinks so far:

Last Generation Features still intact
Even though Heat Sinks have be upgraded, their core benefits are unchanged:
Common = +20% Portal Cooldown Decrease
Rare = +50% Portal Cooldown Decrease
Very rare = +70% Portal Cooldown Decrease

Cooldown timer – Instant reset
When a Heat Sink (regardless of rarity) is installed to a portal, the current cooldown timer is immediately finished. What does this mean? Say I hacked a portal and have 300 seconds to wait until I can hack again. When I install the Heat Sink, that counter is set to 0, allowing me to hack the portal instantly.

This instant reset is only given to the Agent that deployed the mod. Even though my timer is reset to 0, you still must wait the the cooldown period before hacking again. You do, however, still benefit from the +% cooldown decrease given from the Heat Sink.

Burnout Reset
Typically you only get 4 hacks on a portal before burning it out. Multihacks of course add onto the burnout counter, allowing any Agent to hack beyond it’s burnout limit. Heat Sinks (regardless of rarity) now reset the burnout period to 0 for the Agent that installed the mod.

This reset is only a one time reset of the burnout counter for the Agent that installed the mod.

Example 1:
I’ve hacked a portal 4 times and burned it out. Adding a Heat Sink resets that burnout counter to 0, allowing me to hack 4 more times, with a total of 8 hacks. Other Agents still only get their original 4 hacks with no burnout reset.

Example 2:
I’ve installed a Common Multi Hack and hacked a portal 8 times before burning out the portal. Adding a Heat Sink will reset that counter to 0, allowing me to hack 8 more times.

Even though only the Agent installing the mod gets the Cooldown and Burnout bonuses, these bonuses can be obtained again.

I stumble a portal with a VR Multi Hack (deployed by another Agent) giving me 16 hacks. I install a Heat Sink after burning it out, giving me another 16 hacks. After that, I install another Heat Sink, giving me 16 more hacks, 48 in total.

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  1. Don’t like this change! The game play change is okay, but should have been done to Multi-hacks! Personally, for Heat sinks, if you wanted to add a new feature to them, I would have suggested that the %change not only go to cooldown, but also go to XM respawning! So if you put a Rare heat sink on meaning Cool down goes from 5mins to 150 seconds. At the same time, with my suggestion, the XM would respawn after 10mins not 20!


  2. The most you can hack a Portal now is 72!
    Another Agent deployes 2x VR MH and you have 4 + 12 + 8 = 24 Hacks. After Burnout the Portal you install a HS and you will have another 24 Hacks. After burnout the Portal again you install the last HS and it will give you another 24 Hacks. So in total you have hacked the Portal 72 times!

    • Based on this scenario, how long will it take to hack 72 times? The first 24 are 5 minutes apart. The next 24 now have a heat sink, so every 2.5 minutes. And the 3rd block of 24 hacks at 1.25 minutes apart? 3.5 hours total for 72 hacks? Or did I do my heat sink math wrong?

      • Assuming you use VR mods, the following will occur:
        24 hacks at 300 seconds (5 minutes) = 120 minutes (2 hours)
        24 hacks at 90 seconds = 36 minutes
        24 hacks at 58.5 seconds = 23.4 minutes
        Total time: 179.4 minutes or roughly 3 hours. Plus any inefficiency from not hacking exactly when the cool down is done.

  3. Once you have burned out the portal with a heat sink, does it shorten the 4hr reset at all? Presumably for everyone.

    • No, heatsinks work on cool-down period, not burn-out period. To deal with a burned out portal, you can:

      1. Wait.
      2. Add Multihacks if there are open slots. (everyone can hack the portal some more)
      3. Add Heatsinks if there are open slots. (everyone that hasn’t burned out the portal can hack with shorter delay between hacks, and (only) you can take advantage of your hack-count essentially being reset to zero, and hack the portal some more.
      4. Go find some other portals.

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Next Generation of Heat Sinks

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