Scanner v1.48.0 Update


Ingress scanner v1.48.0 is slowly being released to agents in the field! So far we’ve found a few new features along with some bug fixes.

Key count added to portal menu
A feature the community had asked for has been added to the scanner! Now you can easily tell how many keys you have for a portal without having to scroll through your inventory or link menus.

Item button re-sizing
We’ve noticed button re-sizing on items in the inventory menus. While it’s just a minor change, we want to speculate a little on the why. iOS is right around the corner (with no solid release date yet), and this could be to accommodate for the iPhone’s smaller screens. This also could be to make room for another button, such as the much speculated Capsule item.

I figured I would save the best for last. Last scanner update we became aware of Capsules from minor hints in the APK code. Today, we have the pleasure of presenting a sneak peek of what they will sound and look like!

Capsule sound files

Capsule renders
Thanks to the masterful coding talents of Operation Essex member Daniel van Os, we are able to present some exclusive renders of what the new Capsule item will look like.


APK Mirrors
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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  1. how about a “add to favourite” for the portals? it’a nightmere looking for the ones we want to keep charged
    it would help my way of play
    thank you

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  3. Add a third sort option to Portal Keys: “Recharge”, which only shows portals that are owned by your team and have less than 100% on any of their resonators. Bonus: Sort by lowest individual resonator percent first.

  4. At this time there are reports int he wild of 1.48 breaking GPS on some units, your mileage may vary, but be warned.

  5. Did they fix the XM issues?

    I have had to for go a second hack on my 2.5 min portals because I have to recharge before I hack or I lose the XM I just collected. I know the problem has existed a long time, but it has been in the last few releases that the problem has escalated forces us to chose hacking or recharging unless we wait about 45 seconds and then it is hit or miss.

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Scanner v1.48.0 Update

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