Has a New Faction Finally Emerged?




The video was found and is made available at the DI YouTube page:


A third faction for Ingress has been long rumored, and hoped for by many.  Today we have what may well be the best evidence so far.  A video was made available, but subsequently taken down, that features 3 portals in what appears to be the Niantic Labs sandbox for development.  Each portal is owned by each faction, including an new Orange faction currently referred to as the “Interitus” faction due to the name on the portal and the upcoming anomaly.  As the video was taken down, we do not have that available.  However, screenshots were taken which do more than just allude to a third faction, but actually show the “sponsor” and a claimed portal.

13MAGNUS – Enlightened Portal owned by __JARVIS__


Recursion – Resistance portal owned by __ADA__


Interitus – Portal owned by __LOKI__


As the Enlightened won 13Magnus, and the Resistance won Recursion, could this new Anomaly set to start on April 12th be the introduction to this third faction?  As you can see, each of the portals are owned by their faction’s respective sponsor, __JARVIS__ for the Enlightened, __ADA__ for the Resistance, and now __LOKI__ for the Interitus faction.  A concern was raised regarding the very common red/green color blindness, and as this appears to be Orange, that may help alleviate those issues.

Since Interitus is coming along so quickly, perhaps this is where the Enlightened and Resistance will finally join forces against a common enemy.  And what better enemy to fight against, than the Interitus faction, which is Latin for Destruction/ruin.  Perhaps this faction will be an NPC only faction, a common enemy for both Enlightened and Resistance to battle against across the world.  Or perhaps this will start as a NPC faction during the Interitus anomaly, with the faction later being opened to players switching sides or joining the ranks.

At this point, we have no confirmation on the validity of this video.  However, the quality and attention to detail would imply either a high level of video editing if this was fake, or this may indeed be the first view of the Loki/Interitus faction.  Only time will tell…

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  1. Look up the definition of “interitus.” To be honest, I’ve never heard of the term in my 50 years. I can’t imagine that a faction would wan to be known as evil and violent and destructive. Neither the Enlightened or Resistance considers themselves to be. Or, for that matter, neither faction considers the other to be (for the most part, neither faction is right or wrong, just different opinions of the use and distribution of XM; it’s a matter of philosophy, not morality).

  2. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the ENL and R factions had to join together to battle the LOKI faction, which would be NPC… similar to the Matrix where the humans and machines had to join forces to battle Agent Smith…

  3. Just gonna leave my 2 cents, because its not April 1st.

    1) All the artifacts on the portal were done by reddit user /theshapersarecoming modifying responses – http://www.reddit.com/r/Ingress/comments/21q30h/solved_how_would_a_portal_look_like_with_all_of/

    Why would Niantic mess around with testing a 3rd faction with all the artifacts, just seems wrong.

    2) Color changes are dead easy. Ryszard (creator of broot) did this about 1.5 years ago – https://plus.google.com/106080343103638200670/posts/a9krpWApjz5

    Anyone could make a color, spoof a response and call it a new faction.

    There is nothing in the handshake of a 3rd faction, nor anything in the apk. I’d love to be wrong, but I’m not. This is all fake.

  4. Would be completely epic, I’d jump to the 3rd faction no question, especially if it was a faction dedicated to ruin and destruction, dark xm, oh joy!

  5. I am the only one concerned with the new gradient style used to show resonators health ? Now it’s not always clear (even more when scrolling) from the portal card view if resonators are really 100% full health. With that gradient it will be worse.

    • Given that its fake, and there are tons of compression glitch artefacts visible on the images, I wouldn’t worry too much.

      • Screencaps of videos have artefacts most of the time, so are images saved with crappy software (paint for exemple). My point is I’m not debatting the real/fake issue. It’s just that : if it’s true that point sucks (imho), if its a fake, I hope this point does not inspire Niantic team).

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  7. If you read the books the red xm is 100% chaos. This has been rumored for awhile. And if it is true. I am sure the ranks will swell.

  8. It has to be fake. The status bar with no icons other than LTE and battery (which is on a charger? come on now, how obvious!)

    • Portable chargers are a thing, you know. Car chargers, little USB battery packs, heck you can even use an OTG cable and charging cable to connect two Androids together and one (the one connected directly to the charging cable) will draw power from the other (the one connected directly to the OTG cable) – the latter is my tactic for keeping my battery up on long location-using journeys, since I hacked it together from things I already had (the OTG cable was purchased previously to use a keyboard on my tablet).

      But taking a look back at the screenshot, it’s definitely missing the “Using location” icon, which on the OS pictured above would look like one of the search result markers on Google Maps, and pop up next to the right.

  9. Not all devices display “location in use” icon.
    I verify that this video is real.
    Behold! The third faction is emerging!

  10. Having talked to one of the developers about a year and a half ago in oakland a third faction is in the works the idea is not chaos but more along the lines of stopping the xm from coming in that factions portals would produce limited xm their scanners would rely on power cubes and they would not use resonators more like caps to seal the portal hence the low xm production

  11. There is another possibility, the video is entirely real; this is Nintic trying out and play testing the idea. They could have decided that although a third faction sounded cool it sucked big ones when they tried it out, so it won’t happen. Or maybe it needs another years worth of work etc.

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Has a New Faction Finally Emerged?

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