Scanner v1.49.0 Update


Ingress scanner v1.49.0 is slowly being released to agents in the field! From what we can tell, this is mostly a graphical update along with a few bug fixes.

Agent Arrow redesign
The arrow now has a golden outline along with a gold under shadow.

Agent Profile redesign
The Agent Profile tab received a makeover. Aside from aesthetics, all badges appear to be displayed with the MORE button removed. Also tapping on a badge will now open it’s overlay in the Agent Profile itself, not in a separate badges screen.


What else have you noticed in the update?

APK Mirrors
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  1. Here’s my scanner wish list (how can I officially submit? Or do I just continue to pray to the NIA gods?):

    – Bring back ability to disable the nearest portals that float on the edges of the scanner.

    – Ability to reduce/clarify graphics in high density portal areas (get a number of portals in your circle and see how easy it is to figure out what is the portal and what is just XM plumage, which makes it difficult to touch your target; also will help keep the device from over heating).

    – Dim the portal if it is not hackable; in cases like above, I would like to visually see what I’ve just hacked, without wasting time and XM hacking a hot or burned out portal.

    – Ability to search for any agent profile, not just the ones you find and can long-press on in cell activity/history or whom have placed resos/mods on portals in your scanner view or that you have keys to.

  2. Another thing they updated is that now when you change your Comm distance, it stays at that distance even through a force close.

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Scanner v1.49.0 Update

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