A first glance at Capsules


We’ve known about their arrival for some time now, and they are finally making their way to the masses. Yesterday, Ingress announced it’s newest item, The Capsule. We were able to interview a trusted source close to Visur, and these are our findings so far.

What does a Capsule do?
“Rare Capsules can hold up to 100 items, which count towards your Inventory. Capsules are reusable, and marked with a unique ID.”

Are there other rarities other than Rare?
Like with Turrets and Force Amps, Capsules seem to only have a single rarity. It’s undetermined if smaller or larger Capsules will be released.

How much space does the Capsule take up in your inventory?
Only the contents of the Capsule + 1 (the Capsule itself) counts towards your inventory. If I were at item cap (2000), and you wanted to drop a Capsule with 50 items in it for me to pick up, I would have to get my inventory down to at least 1949.

Can I put a Capsule in another Capsule?

What happens if I recycle the Capsule?
You will be given a confirmation prompt to recycle the Capsule or not. If you choose to recycle the Capsule, all it’s contents are recycled with it. Unknown if you get the cumulative XM for all the items, or just for the Capsule itself.

Do Capsules have their own category in the Items list?
At this time, no. You must access Capsules from the All inventory section.
UPDATE: A server side update was made that now gives Capsules their own category.
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How do I put items into the Capsule?
After opening the Capsule from your items list, tap LOAD. Find the item(s) you want to put into the Capsule, and tap the or + buttons to specify the quantity. Tap the Transfer button to put the item(s) into the Capsule.

How do I take items out of the Capsule?
This works almost the same as depositing items into the Capsule. Tap UNLOAD, use  or + buttons to specify the quantity, and then tap Transfer to put the item(s) in your inventory.

Are items usable while inside a Capsule?
No. You can’t fire an XMP, use Keys for links, Recharge, Recycle, etc. Pretend they don’t exist except for taking up room in your inventory.

Can I use Capsules for key farming?
Most definitely. When you put a key into a Capsule, the portal you are hacking will not recognize it, almost guaranteeing you a key on your next hack.

How do I get a Capsule?
Right now, you can only obtain them via passcode. No hacking them yet! Ingress is having Design Competition where folks can show off creative or original designs for a chance at a Capsule passcode.

Official help document now published: https://support.google.com/ingress/answer/6011315?hl=en

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  1. Oh cool! I’m going to use mine to store media in there. I’ve kept certain ones because they have something significant in them.

  2. is there a maximum number of capsules one can have? inventory limit makes no sense if somebody can have 100s of them…

    • When you put an item in a capsul it doesn’t cease to exist in your inventory.. it still takes up the same space. If your inventory count is 500 and you put 100 items in the capsul your inventory count is still 500 until you drop the capsul

  3. If they’re as “rare” as link amps, we each should have a couple hundred by the end of the week!

  4. So if I load up a capsule with stuff and throw it on the ground, how long will it last? Same as other items?

  5. So, you have to tap the + button 100 times to fill a capsule with 100 times? Then 100 times again to take them out?

    • doktorjones on

      Sure, but it’s better than “Ops > (tap item) > drop” x 100. Now it’s “Ops > Capsule > (select capsule) > Load” > (tap [+] x 100) > “Transfer > Ops > (select capsule) > Drop” — 108 taps vs 300 taps, and that’s assuming that after hitting “transfer” it dumps you to the scanner screen; if it just puts you back at the inventory screen with the same capsule selected, it’s 106 taps.

      That said, I’d still love to see [-10] and [+10] buttons on the capsules!

  6. Here’s a question: If I drop one, how long will it stay where I put it (without someone grabbing it)?

    • They are used to transfer 100 items to someone else. You don’t have to sit there dropping items on the ground for 10 minutes then someone else sit there picking each and every item up. You can put items in these over time, one drop and then one pick-up. Much faster.

      • No, not faster unless it’s 100 of exactly the same item. Also, a major pain when keys are sorted alphabetically and you want to transfer only the ones too far away to be currently useful to you.

  7. Can you transfer them between portals that are linked?

    Also good question already asked how long will they last on the ground before they “decay”?

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  9. Does not sound very useful to me, other then preparing for a big transfer. Prepare the capsule with lots of keys and X8. Drive to the location that was agreed on. Drop it and someone else could pick it up fast. New job for players: transporter.

    • In what world is this a new job? Transports of supplies has always been an integral part of the game.

  10. The question I have is with adding supplies to capsule. Do you have to click once for every item? Or can you hold down to add as much as possible. If it’s the first, the capsule really doesn’t help much.

  11. Didn’t see it mentioned here but it would be nice to be able to recycle the contents of the capsule without recycling the capsule itself. The other issue that would be nice to to be able to drop the contents without dropping the capsule. IHMO. This does help with storage, farming keys, accidental throws to unintended portals, and transfers. But dropping the extra junk you get when farming would be nice.

  12. so i still dont understand howcan i get a capsule. speaking about design competition, but there are no any info about capsules in that competition

  13. Would be cool to have it be a cache drop location with a pass code. Can’t be moved or opened without the code. Code locked until opened then re-coded, with a 30 day auto unlock if a code has not been entered, then its free game….

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A first glance at Capsules

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