External Battery Survey Results


Back in November, we asked our followers to fill out a survey answering questions concerning External Batteries and Ingress. Thank you to those that participated and apologies for the delay on presenting these results to the rest of you.

What Ingress level were you when you got your first external battery pack?

What prompted you to get your first battery pack? (most common answers)

  • Phone’s battery isn’t hot-swapable
  • Anomaly
  • Level grinding
  • Battery would quickly decay while out walking around portals
  • L8 Farms

How many hours you run Ingress on a typical day without a battery pack?

How many hours can you run Ingress on a typical day WITH a battery pack?

What is your favorite brand?

What size is your battery pack? Ex: 13,000mAh

How many battery packs do you now own?

Does your battery pack maintain your charge level or does it just slow down the drain?

Would you have purchased a battery pack if you weren’t playing Ingress?

Most of these results validate what we already knew, though it is interesting to see how big of an impact Ingress has made on the external battery market.

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  1. 1. If a “Typical Day” includes 10 hours of Ingress….. you need a life dude(ette)
    2. What happened to “Least Favorite” brand?
    3. Who “won” the pass codes (Yeah, in case they were not passed out, I DID just add my reply to the survey… you have not closed it :) )

    • Oh man, we handed those out a while ago. I honestly forget who the winners were. I cut a few questions out, just because a few of the questions weren’t taken as seriously as others, and threw off results (Don’t put too many free form questions in a survey I’ve learned).

  2. A battery pack wouldn’t be that much need if they would finally give us the option to set individual graphic settings – like every other normal computer game has! I don’t need animated XM in the field, I don’t need animated portals, and definitely not animated fields! Why not give the option to display a static image? Instead they include more and more animations. That’s bollocks!

    • The Darque One on

      “Every other game” is debatable. But the animations are timing mechanisms to help control the pace of actions.

      • One of them. The XM sprout out of the top of the portal is worthless. The portal zoom in animation is worthless. The hacking animation is worthless (you can click the next portal before it finishes). The spinning items in our inventory display are worthless.

        Actually, the only animation that has any sort of timing effect is the recycle animation, and if you’re quick on the back button, you can skip that and recycle faster than everyone else.

        Timing should not be maintained by animations, and there’s really only 1 action that is, but it’s possible to circumvent. So the reality is, none of the animations have a timing effect.

  3. Stumphammer on

    Surprised Limeade is such a comparatively small portion of the market. Where I play they are extremely common.

  4. Anker is the most popular brand? oh god it’s really expensive for the mAh it has… you can buy a powe bank or a QooPro for less than half price with same or more amount of mAh… i don’t know where did you do the survey.

  5. Buying an external pack is not simply mAh/$, the speed of the charge, durability of the product, and consistency are important factors as well, and in my opinion Anker wins in all of those categories.

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External Battery Survey Results

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