DeCode Easter Egg Hunt


Belated Easter egg hunt, we were duped into thinking the Easter bunny was on time. We’ve dead dropped easter eggs at specific coordinates with DI codes that can be redeemed later for your very own Capsule! We’ll update this post later as eggs are found and reveal details of those that found the Eggs and where they were found. Good luck!


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  1. also I found a cat in a window in the street view of the Germany location. I know that’s not an egg…

    • Please create a public G+ post with a picture of the egg you found, tag +DeCodeIngress also please hashtag the post with #DIEasterEgg . Do not include your redemption code yet. We will then contact you privately, verify your redemption code and provide you with a capsule passcode!

  2. are there anything in the capsules? i found a code, but I don’t know how to decode it… and i’m searching… but if there’s nothing in the capsules, I won’t even bother… I just hacked myself a capsule this afternoon before this was even posted and it seems useless to me… especially since there’s no filtering when add/remove items into it.

  3. Brent Cochran on

    I have found 4 locations and what looks like just a code so far. All at minimum of 10 hours away from me :(

  4. Oh, I thought this was a game we could all take part in but instead it’s just a way to waste a load of time trying to make sense of something cryptic that you can’t actually win at. Like the #WeLoveFine design competition, another dead end.
    Guess we’ll have to hack our capsules then…

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DeCode Easter Egg Hunt

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