Scanner v1.51.0 Update


Ingress scanner v1.51.0 is slowly being released to agents in the field!

Button Re-sizes
A few buttons have been re-sized to appear smaller. Further preparation for iOS? Or just sizing updates to be more compatible with smaller screen Android devices? Unknown at this time.

Counter added to Badge Tier screen
A nice ease of access feature. Now you don’t have to tab back and forth to check Badge requirements and what you’ve earned so far.

Requirements for new Levels updated
It appears that AP and Badge requirements has been updated in this version. See the changed below:

Assets for new Levels added
It looks like it’s more than just hints and teases are on the horizon boys and girls! More assets for new Levels have been added. Though we don’t know if a L16 XMP is on the way, this is proof that Level cap increase is coming, and it is coming soon.


APK Download Disclaimer:
It is recommended that you download the Ingress APK from the Google Play Store. Downloading from anywhere else (Including DeCode Ingress) could result in a warning or ban from Niantic Labs. Although DeCode Ingress takes reasonable precautions in providing a clean APK, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this APK. Download at your own risk.

APK mirrors:

REMOVED. Though unverified, it has been claimed that use of APK’s installed outside the Play Store are causing banned on accounts. If have not received the update from the Play Store, be patient, it will come. Sorry we cannot provide you with the update at this time.

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Mostly known for my How To Play series on YouTube. As a writer for DeCode Ingress, I mainly cover Scanner Updates and other breaking news type items. If you ever have any feedback, don't be shy to leave a comment on here or my YouTube. Even welcome to direct messages on Google+.


  1. djupgrayedd on

    Yes. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. You WILL get a warning from Niantic for installing 3rd party apps. I received one for installing the 1.50 DeCode release.

    • djupgrayedd, would you mind forwarding me said warning e-mail? I can ask NIA directly if they are ok with us sharing the APK or not.
      fevplaysgames @

      • djupgrayedd on

        Dude. I HAVE the proof. I did do the upgrade and I received a warning letter. They are checking to see if it is installed via 3rd party or from the Google store. I don’t have IITC or BROOT installed.

          • Okams razor: he’s lying or technically incompetent.

            There’s no difference between an APK downloaded from a mirror and an upgrade from Google Play. To upgrade from Google Play, the Google Play app downloads the new apk then passes it to the APK isntaller. The APK installer verifies the signature matches the one installed, and then does the upgrade. To install from a mirror, you manually download the apk with your browser, then tap the file to open it with the APK installer. The APK installer verifies the signature matches the one installed, and then does the upgrade.

            If the signature doesn’t match, then the APK installer will refuse to upgrade and you have to uninstall the current app before installing. My guess is djupgraydd had to do this. That, or he’s using broot and lying about it (just like the recent fake “I got banned for using IITC” complaints that turned out to be broot users).

  2. You have no proof. Getting a warning email indicates nothing.

    I’ve sideloaded every apk as it’s become available for at least the last dozen releases, if not more, as well as using IITC continuously since I started playing a year ago, and have never received a warning email.

    Anecdotal evidence proves nothing.

  3. FYI typically 10,000-20,000 people install our APK this way and we’ve never heard of someone receiving a warning for the APK we supplied before.

    • You surely like decompiling the apk. Why don’t you take a look, if the apps checks how itself was installed? I think I saw something in the decompiled code, that asks for thas property.

      Maybe you could do a little research and make a nice post about the data collected by the app.

      • The app can’t check how it was installed. When APKs are installed on android (whether via Play Store or side loaded), the installer tool stops the currently installed app (if this is an upgrade), installs the new apk, and then you’re free to open the new version.

        Since the app being installed is not running during its own installation, it can’t check anything. After installation there’s no difference between an app installed via play store or side loaded. All the play store does is automate the downloading of APKs and pass the file to the tool that actually does the installing.

  4. djupgrayedd on

    Again, I know what I DID and DID NOT do. Please do not jump to conclusions. I sent my email to Fevenis and we will let him deal with it. I am not here to argue, I am here to inform. So let’s keep it civil please. Thanks.

  5. Still 13 badges required for level 12, with only 11 normal earnable badges existing.
    Not counting verification, events, and founder.

    • Time will tell whether gold medals also still count the silver achieved along the way I.e. L12 could be 6 gold (or higher) + 1 additional silver (or higher)..?

  6. If you press on a Gold badge you will see that you also have a bronze and silver. No need for 14. I would like one for MU captured and also MU freed. A 1 mu field counts as much as a 100k field.

  7. JensSchaffer on

    how do you make level 12? now i have only 11 medals max, + the verify,founder but these are not gold silver, platinum…

    • As above, my suspicion is the silver achieved on the way to each gold still counts as one of the required silvers..

  8. djupgrayedd on


    Typical stupid toad trying to defame others at every chance they get. Get over yourself and just play the damn game. I’m over stupid people like you and the drama you like to create. Enjoy your miserable life.

  9. I’m guessing that the badge requirements are “or”. 1 gold OR 4 silver to get level nine, 2 black OR 4 plat to get level sixteen

  10. Halabanacha on

    Zerth I’m afraid but I can’t agree… I think they won’t do that, but if they will, it would be fine!

  11. Note that the “Key” icon in the scanner view of a portal is now larger and easier to touch.

  12. still the shutdown in bootscreen problem with my huawei 08825-1.. i want to go on playin.. 3 update now without any fixes

  13. Why don’t they get rid of the horrible ‘slide to zoom’ and fix it so glyph hack bonuses are actually a bonus related to the ‰ you get right. 30% glyph and 58% speed bonus should give me more than a 7‰ glyph bonus. It makes no sense…

  14. Why are u in old rank then? i have 3m Ap points but still shows rank 8 ? dont get it… thought the update was gonna count for the new ranks now

    • The app includes the new ranks, but they won’t go live until the server tells the app to enable them. This is how they always roll out new features (such as power cubes, regional scoring, and capsules). A new version comes out that includes the feature and rolls out over the course of a week or so, everyone is forced to upgraded to the new version (can’t log in with old version anymore) and THEN the new feature goes live.

      But we’re in the middle of the interitus anomaly series. It would be weird for the new levels to come out before the anomaly is done. So don’t expect this feature to go live until after June 21st

  15. djupgrayedd on

    @Goeffrie that’s a negative. Ever since the broot and IITC bans, I stopped using both. I do admit that I had used broot in the past and enjoyed it for getting rid of the useless tabs, but again… I stopped after the bans. I do miss broot, but I’m not risking it. I literally got a notice from installing directly from the DeCode release. I have no idea why. The last time I checked, the DeCode team was buddy-buddy with Niantic, so I have no idea wtf their problem is. As stated above, Fevenis is looking into this, so hopefully we can get an answer soon as to why I got a warning letter for (quite literally) doing nothing wrong.

  16. I wonder why they lowered the AP requirements. Just getting the required badges will likely put you far over the AP amount.

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Scanner v1.51.0 Update

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