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Yesterday was a big day for Ingress Agents, as the rumored Levels 9-16 were finally released to Agents in the field!


Level UP!
Shortly after a post from Ingress announcing new levels coming online, Agents that surpassed L8 were retroactively given their new levels. If you are curious about over all level requirements, check the image from our Scanner v.1.51.0 Update post.



You are able to check your level progression and requirements within your Agent profile:

It has been verified that Badge Tiers count towards multiple requirements. For instance, this Gold Explorer badge technically counts as both a Silver and a Gold, not just Gold.

Field Kits
Along with retroactively awarding new Levels, Agents were also rewarded with Field Kits per each Level earned! I was personally awarded 5 Field Kits for earned levels.

XM capacity increased
Agents earning new Levels now have increased XM capacity per Level. L8 maximum is 10,000.
L9: 10, 900
L10: 11,700
L11: 12,400
L12: 13,000
L13: 13,500
L14: 13,900
L15: 14,200
L16: 14,400

Recharge at greater distances
Guardian or Achor portals too far to recharge? Well you’re in luck! Along with new Levels, Agents are able to recharge at greater distances. L8 maximum is 2,000. Recharge distance = Agent level * 250KM @50% effectiveness.

L9:  2,250km
L10: 2,500km
L11: 2,750km
L12: 3,000km
L13: 3,250km
L14: 3,500km
L15: 3,750km
L16: 4,000km

Brian Tao has provided us with an excellent visual:

Ultra Strikes
The once exclusive Motrorola Ultra Strikes have now been made available to all Agents via hacking from portals. Like busters, these range from L1-8.


Though these videos are a little old, they will give you an idea of what it looks like to fire an Ultra Strike:

Protip from Ingress:
Fire an Ultra Strike while standing directly on the center of a Portal to maximize the chance of a critical hit taking out a Shield or other Portal Mod. Once the Portal Shields are down, stand directly on a Resonator to maximize the damage and chance of a critical hit on that Resonator in order to take it out.

Ultra Strikes buffed:
Though not mentioned in any of the main posts, Ingress did mention in the comments that Ultra Strikes now have a higher chance of destroying shields.

Shields buffed
With the mass release of Ultra Strikes, shields have been given a buff.

Old values:
Common: 20
Rare: 30
Very Rare:  50

New values:
Common: 30
Rare: 40
Very Rare:  60

New weapons on the horizon?
It was teased that new weapons will become available to Agents accessing new Levels. Though we have no information on what these are or when they will be released, it is worth mentioning. We’ll post more information about this as we obtain it.

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  1. Item limit & Field Kits:
    what happens if you already have 2000 items (or more) in inventory? will you still get the kit’s items? are they lost? will you get them once you are below 2000?

  2. I just got a Capsule from a hack. I thought they’d only drop from passcodes? Has this been changed?

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Ingress Expansion Pack

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