Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.52.0]


Welcome to the new home of Ingress Teardowns. We will continue to bring you new teardown related content as new versions are released. For readers new to this, the idea is quite simple. Disassemble the APK file and compare it to the previous version – identify the differences and blog about it, so lets get started with a teardown of 1.52.0.

Cleanup, API work

We saw the removal of all fields that were deprecated. In a system where 3rd party applications don’t exist, its good to see that an API cleanup is taking place. One could “infer” that an API cleanup is prepping for something that requires an updated API, whether that be a new client or public API.

These fields removed were everything from “playerProfileEnabled” to “enableCapsuleInventoryFilter“. One was a very recent change, while player profiles have been enabled for longer than I can remember. This shows an active effort to clean the API of unwanted functions both new and old.

Game Engine (Libgdx)

As noted in earlier teardowns. The core of Ingress runs the Libgdx engine. This cross platform mobile engine went “gold” to 1.0 earlier this month. 1.0.1 was released on May 6, and looking at the huge amount of changes that occurred in the libgdx files makes me think Ingress took the update to 1.0.1. What does this mean for you? Bug fixes.

Google Plus?

Hints of Google Plus actually started way back in 1.42.1, but in this version we were presented with some new goodies that are interesting.

.field private final gPlusId:Ljava/lang/String;

This field could be corresponding to your Google+ profile id, as the fields that were added in addition to that were achievementCounts & gPlusId. My guess is that you will soon be able to “share” badges and achievements directly to GooglePlus from the game.


This is a small teardown for sure, but what do you expect after new levels and a new item. I expect “tiny” features here and there, but I feel the bulk of development is on something else. This isn’t just an uneducated guess, you can look at the development changes between all 1.xx versions and the pace has slowed significantly in the past two versions. Ingress however has grown significantly population wise in the past few months. I believe the missing development man power is towards something else. What that thing is, I’m not sure. I can guess though :p.

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Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.52.0]

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