Intel Map update & New Events Map


Intel Map update
One complaint Agents have had about the stock Intel map is the lack of detailed information about Mods.

A Portal Shield was a Portal Shield, A Multihack was a Multihack, but you could not see or determine rarity unless you pulled it up in the Scanner or used third party tools like IITC.

This information is now available via the stock Intel map! Not only can we now see the rarity, but we can see other detailed information about the mod.

Behind the scenes changes to the Intel map
Most folks don’t know about the behind the scenes information displayed in the stock Intel map, but those that dig a little know there is more information than meets the eye.

Information removed:

  • Resonator deployment distance
  • Addresses
  • Link information

While this doesn’t effect the day to day usage on the stock Intel map, this will have major impacts on third party maps like IITC.

New Events Map
Anomaly events used to be disseminated via the Ingress Report and Global Intel e-mail. Now, you can easily view event information via map format at


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  1. It is nice to see that they are adding a small fraction of additional details to the stock page, but killing more and more IITC plugins by removing infos from the page like resonator distance and killing all the these usefull highlighters in a previous update is so not cool.

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Intel Map update & New Events Map

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