Interview with The Dead Drop Project


On May 4th, a mysterious Google+ group, named The Dead Drop Project, emerged asking Ingress agents to share their stories, SITREPS, anecdotes, shout outs, etc with them via a telephone number. These messages left in voicemail format are collected and later compiled into podcasts shared on SoundCloud. The Dead Drop Project released it’s first podcast on May 28th, followed by an interview from DeCode Ingress (Fevenis).


fev_small What is The Dead Drop Project and why was it founded?


deaddrop-logo_small Dead Drop was founded as a way for agents from both factions to share what is important to them in a new and anonymous way, beyond the scope of what is released by official channels. The Project is run by agents, for agents.


fev_small Does the project have any ties with Niantic? Or is it strictly for the agents, by the agents as you specified?


deaddrop-logo_small We have no official connection with Niantic, but they have generously supported the Project.


fev_small The Dead Drop Project is an interesting name, why did you settle on it? Should agents in the field be expecting actual dead drops by the project in the future?


deaddrop-logo_small Dead Drop was chosen as the name for the Project as a nod to the official dead drops made in the field. Agents can submit their stories anonymously in a virtual “dead drop,” knowing the audio will be brought in. Actual dead drops in the field are an interesting idea that we may consider in the future.


fev_small I know you do not want to reveal the identity of those involved with the project, but how many people are involved with The Dead Drop Project?


deaddrop-logo_small One individual handles the primary audio work at this time.  A team of less than ten is currently actively assisting with logistics.  But, theoretically, every agent is involved in some way as they are the ones who affect the path the Project will follow as time passes. Those agent stories, they are what make the Project what it is and what it strives to be.


fev_small What amount of participation are you seeing from agents so far? Is there a lot of people contributing messages?


deaddrop-logo_small Initial participation was understandably minimal; however, after yesterday’s release, we are seeing a steady increase in material available to us. Submissions are coming in and many are intrigued, including ourselves. We would prefer to be able to represent both factions equally and encourage ALL agents to submit material.


fev_small Will you ever consider options for those not wanting to leave a voicemail? Such as a form they could fill out.


deaddrop-logo_small We accept not only voice mail, but email and clip submissions which can be sent privately. Our email is

We may also consider other methods of audio submission in the future.


fev_small Can you tell us about the two characters shown in the logo for The Dead Drop Project?


deaddrop-logo_small They are the representation of ADA/Klue and Jarvis, to show both sides, apart but yet, a part.


fev_small How often will the episodes of The Dead Drop Project be distributed?


deaddrop-logo_small Episodes will be determined by the material received from agents. Our goal is to have a regular weekly release.


fev_small Can you let us know more about the message heard at the end of the episode and how was it tied to Verum Inveniri?

 See Verum Inveniri reference post here.

deaddrop-logo_small To remain neutral, we do not delve into the content submitted to us. We are only an outlet for those that may otherwise not be heard.


fev_small Who is “Nemesis”?

 Also a reference from the Verum Inveniri post.

deaddrop-logo_small In order to protect the identities of present and future submitting parties, we must refrain comment.


fev_small Understood. If you had one thing to tell the world wide Ingress community, what would it be?


deaddrop-logo_small The Ingress community should know that the Dead Drop Project is a way for agents to share their experiences. We are here as an outlet for those that may otherwise never be heard.

We are agents ourselves.

The world as we know it is in turmoil. Now is your chance to be heard and seen. Stand up and be counted.  Send us your words Agent.


The Dead Drop Project

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Interview with The Dead Drop Project

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