Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.54.0]


Welcome to the 3rd edition of Ingress Teardowns. This version of 1.54.0 should be hitting Google Play for agents across the world. This is of course assuming there isn’t a big bug discovered which prevents the roll out. With that out of the way,  let’s dive into the teardown!



Sharing to Google Plus

Much like we discussed in 1.53.3, Google+ Sharing is coming. In the previous version we saw the addition of the actual “linking” of your Ingress account to a Google account. This feature is present in the 1.54.0 build, but disabled server side. This means the feature is included in your 1.54.0 download, it just isn’t enabled yet. We did find some goodies in regards to this feature though.

“I’ve earned the %s medal in #Ingress.”

“Intel report of agents in regional cell %s. #Ingress”

“I’ve reached level %s as an #Ingress agent.”

“Intel report for #Ingress regional cell %s.”

“Global #Ingress intel report.”

“My #Ingress agent profile.”

“Scanner data from the #Ingress world around me.”

These messages will be the default ones you can send from a variety of screens. It appears this feature will enable itself on the following screens (medal view, leader-board view, level up message, profile view, score view and scanner view). This will prove to be an easy way to continue to influence Google Plus with all Ingress related content.

This feature continues to be developed further with more classes/icons related to sharing added.

Below are images from the expected experience. Ingress will take a screenshot of your screen, then present you to share it to Hangouts / Google. (Basically anywhere in the global android share menu).

Sharing the Global Score

Sharing the Global Score

Share your Profile, including medals and stats.

Share your Profile, including medals and stats.

Sharing your Region's leaderboard

Sharing your Region’s leaderboard

Terms of Service

There is a lot of effort taking place for upcoming Terms of Service changes. Enough effort that you will have to accept the new terms during sign on. This was pieced together via a “tos_acceptance_checkbox” layout file in combination with the addition of a “startup_tos” layout. I’ll leave the speculation for the community, but it must be a big enough change to warrant forcing everyone to re-agree to them.

News of the Day

We have a new listening Intent. Much like you can receive attack notifications, achievement popups and messages while the app is closed. There is a new item added to the list called “News Of The Day”. This includes the following bit of information in the response from server to your phone.


Examining this above information. It looks pretty clear that Ingress news articles with images and text will come to your Ingress scanner! I would venture this is because not everyone follows Ingress on Google for up to date story information. This feature is also disabled server side, much like the Sharing feature. It probably is still under development, As I see no setting to opt in / out of it.


Yes, this feature is already live in 1.54.0. See this article for information about it. However this feature was not present in 1.53.3. So either Ingress is following a very good branch method of development, or this feature was developed and launched live within one iteration of development. This is unlike other features (Sharing, News) which are still in the APK, but not yet live for the public use.

This feature follows suit like other operations and sends the following information during use.

clientBasket (clientBlob)

Random Changes

  • Layout changes for xxhdpi and xhdpi (appears to be smaller items/buttons)
  • New images for ADA wheel
  • Strings for signup localized into APK, instead of server sided.
  • new class (small-blue / small-red) text.  Not sure where used


This apk was built on June 11th, but leaked public on June 18th. This shows an active development of 7 days since 1.54.0 was built. Interitus ends this weekend, so things will probably be quiet until that is over. I would assume there will be no more changes until after that big anomaly conclusion. You don’t want to risk something during a large event. My guess would be tons of new changes coming after the end of Interitus.

Hack on agents!

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Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.54.0]

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