Envisioning Ingress Part 2


Welcome to Agent @Br00tal’s creative exploration of the possible future of ingress filled with new mission and badge suggestions. Enjoy!

Hello fellow agents! It has been a while since the previous article and a lot has changed and been added to Ingress. Levels 9-16 has been added to the game and also the Capsules and Ultra Strikes. In this part, I will propose ideas to revamp a few features, add new badges, explain a few items and small scanner tweaks.

If you haven’t read the first part, click here to get to it. A few things are connected to the part 1.

In the previous article I was writing about a Mission System that had Weekly Missions with various rewards – There are no more weekly missions. The mission difficulty is ramped up a lot and now only available for agents L8+.

Ingress Agent Missions V 2.0

  • Quests are now categorized in 5 difficulties. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Black.
  • The Quest Rewards increases exponentially throughout the difficulties.
    AP, Capsules stored with items and Unique Quest items are rewarded for completed quests.
  • Only one quest is allowed per Agent, per month.
  • There will be 3 of each Quest Category in the Mission.
  • “Submit X Portals” Quest will be removed from the list.
  • 9 Quest Categories in total per mission.
  • The Agent Growth Point (AGP) system are reworked into the Agent Enhancement System (AES). The old AGP was rewarded after mission completion but the new AES system will give you different features to upgrade after leveling up. Level 8 and up to 16 will grant you AES upgrades in two types explained further in this article.
  • For the “Completionist” badge, you get 1/1/3/3/5 “missions completed” per completed mission. The higher tier missions are harder and are more rewarding item wise and should be when getting the Mission Badge.


New and Updated Badges

The Level requirements for L9-L16 badge-wise might have to adapt to these new additions. The new Completionist badge is for successfully completing agent missions.
new badges

Badge rewards are now handed out every time an agent gets a new badge. Capsules containing up to 50 items of different rarity and type. The new portal mods will often be included in these packages. Agents who already have high tier badges will receive items for each badge tier.
Agent Enhancement System (AGP System V 2.0)

  • AES upgrades are now gained through leveling up instead of acquiring points through completing missions. There are two types of AES upgrades. Type A & B.

Enhancement System Type A

  • Type A are upgrades that require points through the leveling process. There are then spent on the listed upgrades below. All upgrades has 5 tiers that needs different amount of Type A points per tier.
  • These upgrades are resettable compared to Type B which are permanent and non-changeable upgrades.
  • Reaching L8 gives you 1 starter point. The following 4 levels up to L12 will give you 2 points per level up and the last 4 levels will give you 3 points per level. So as total, 21 points are acquired and usable for Type A upgrades.
  • The different tiers require different amount of points. The requirement are the following: 1/3/5/7/9. So if you want more inventory capacity, put 9 points in that to get 1200 more item space, as an example. With this, you can only max two upgrade types and use two points anywhere else!

Here is an image which sums it up.

Type A


  • A sidenote related to the two last Overdrives:

Shield Mitigation Overdrive (SMO) are only applicable to ONE shield. If you deploy the first shield of the portal, the shield’s mitigation are added with the SMO level. The second shield will have a normal mitigation.

Hack Overdrive (HO) works like this. It increases the total amount of items you can possibly gain in a hack as TOTAL and not per item. Lets say you normally would gain 4 items in one hack, with HO you would gain 14.
The droprates are adjusted to the upgrade, so you won’t be able to receive high rarity items more often than other agents.


Enhancement System Type B

  • These upgrades will not affect agents that just hit L8. You need to reach above L13 to get these upgrades.
  • For Enhancement Type B, there are 2 Tiers per Category.
    From L13 to L16 gives you 1 point each. So you can only choose between 2-4 upgrade types.


Type B




Propsed new items and scanner tweaks.

●XMA Force Pulser (L9-L16)

Exotic Matter Angular Force Pulser

A variation of the XMP that fires a concentrated blast that occurs in a chosen angle.

The angle is set by the player by the same method of charging an XMP.  A big angle gives a less powerful strike than a smaller one. Max angle from the front of the player is 180° and the smallest is 20°.

The attack appears like the letter “V” in front of the player arrow if the angle is close to the smallest angle and shoots like a half circle if its at the maximum angle.

Angular Amplification Formula:

8^(3.14/X) – 0.036 =AAmp

X= Angle

Min = 1.000 – Max = 1.386


Range Amplification Formula:

LXm * AAmp = RAmp

LXm = XMP Level – AAmp = Angular Amplification


L1 XMA Range: 42-58m

L2 XMA Range: 48-66m

L3 XMA Range: 58-80m

L4 XMA Range: 72-99m

L5 XMA Range: 90-125m

L6 XMA Range: 112-155m

L7 XMA Range: 132-191m

L8 XMA Range: 158-233m


● Capsule Upgrades (C=50 & VR=150)

Capsules get an upgrade/downgrade with a C & VR version.

● Jarvis & ADA Key Circuit (VR)

Virus Key Circuit works only on enemy portal with links.

The virus does NOT take down the portal, it only takes down the chosen links. This is a tool when you only want to remove links and not flip the portal.

● Compressor (R Mod)

Portal Mod that compresses the XM cloud around the portal making it create 2x more XM around it.

● Spiral (R Mod)

Portal Mod that absorbs a small amount of the XM cloud of a portal and decreases the decay from 15% to 10%.

● Low Energy Portal Notification

Agents can now choose to get notifications on chosen portals when energy levels are 50% and below.

● Multi-Linking

Agents can now choose multiple portal keys to link to.

Instead of manually linking one key after another, you just choose all portals you want to link. You must be in range during the whole multi-link, if not the process will be cancelled.

● COMM Filtering

Agents can now filter Portal Attacks, Portal Neutralization, Enemy/Ally portal deployment/linking/fielding, New agent activity and agent conversations.

● Portal Verification

Agents can now verify portal submissions which makes the portal submission appear on the map. Agents can vote if its a viable location for the portal. The more votes, the faster accepting/rejection.

The agent who submitted it will also be able to check the voting status on the portal. The submission wont show the voting agents which faction the submitter is.

The ghost portal will be available for 2 weeks before taken in for review. This will make it disappear from the map.

● Hackable Passcodes

Passcodes are now available as a media item. Rarities as always C/R/VR. These codes will not contain any VR mods except shields. The codes are redeemable once.

● Quick Force Sync

Agents can now longpress the OPS button and the scanner will force sync.

● Capsule UI Tweaks

Agents can now sort keys after keycount, distance and alphabetic order.

● Global MU Rewards

Agents in the leading faction gets a little boost in droprates.

● UI Faction Color

The UI changes colors to whichever faction agents are. Resistance gets a remade blue UI and Enlightened gets a brand new green UI.


Thats it for now! I’ve got more stuff for you in part 3! ;)



About Author

I've been an active ingress agent since Dec 2012 and have been L8+ on each team. I co-manage DeCode Ingress and our local xfaction community here in Victoria, BC. I'm an IT and Google enthusiast with a focus on security. If you have any feedback or are interested in contributing to DI, please reach out to us, we'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. Way too complicated and not needed at all.
    Ingress is a game which could be played multiple years and your playing style might change when your life changes. Your suggestions also make life much harder for new players: Currently taking down a L8 portal as L1 player is possible (but time-consuming), but making players stronger than L8 might render this impossible.

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  3. COMM Filtering, Quick Force Sync and Capsule UI Tweaks are about the only things that are viable. Everything else is either overly complicated, favours power players too much, and/or incentivises spoofing.

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