Niantic History Special Part I: Operation #SaveKlue


Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators. My name is Mustafa Said and welcome to a special edition of Niantic History.  On June 30th, 2013, a massive XM Anomaly struck the city of Portland, Oregon. The Anomaly itself, however, wasn’t natural. Behind the scenes of the Anomaly, which came to be known as either #SaveKlue or #FreeKlue, was a massive drama unfolding before the eyes of all who remember it.


To understand this event, let’s quickly look back at the previous Anomaly, #TimeZero:


The #TimeZero Anomaly, set on June 22nd, 2013, was centered in Greenwich Park in London with remote sites in Scotland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Paris. The goal of the Anomaly was tied to a mysterious package making its way into London via courier. The ‘#TimeZero Package’ was a series of photographs of mysterious Shaper Glyphs by Former Niantic Project researcher Hank Johnson to be delivered to second researcher Carrie Campbell in the area.

After an intense showdown, the Enlightened prevailed:


Now, shortly after the event, rumors had surfaced that London Enlightened Agent Richard Walden had somehow obtained the package on site. The situation only intensified when Campbell fled the scene.

Things only began to escalate even further when Walden began receiving messages from the three XM Development Corporations: Hulong Transglobal, IQTech Research and Visur Technology.

backstab IQTechOnTheMove

Visur's Bet


And to top things off, Hulong made the largest offer yet:



Despite all their efforts, Walden remained defiant:

Stay the Course

And just when things began to get even more crazy, Walden and the others made an interesting request:

The Ultimate Move

Surprisingly enough, Hank Johnson, who was in need to get the Package into Carrie’s hands, threw his name into the hat and decided to help:

Raise the Stakes


And that’s what led to Operation #SaveKlue in Portland, Oregon.

As Johnson noted above, the Anomaly was under huge Resistance control and the Enlightened had a huge battle ahead of them if they wanted to succeed.

However, at the first measurement, things were looking up for the Enlightened that day:

Measurement One


And at measurement two, the ENL push forward began to intensify:

Measurement Two


Despite a massive show of force by the Resistance, the Enlightened managed to claim the day:

the endPortland Finale



At the arcade location known as Ground Kontrol, Agents were debriefed on the fate of Klue:

The result


The battle was over. The ENL had prevailed and Klue had switched sides. After she had left the RES, she sent a message to her old friend and ally Richard Loeb, detailing her goals:klueletter



In retaliation, however, Loeb released his own statement finally drawing the line on where he stood in the world of Ingress:



But what other secrets would emerge as a result of #SaveKlue?

Tune into DeCode Ingress soon for Part Two of the special, where I interview the ENL London Agents and learn more about the secrets behind this event in Niantic History…




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Niantic History Special Part I: Operation #SaveKlue

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