The 3rd Path


Path  3

There is a battle raging between two factions, fighting over who gets to control them.  On one side the green team or Enlightened are pressing for control to allow the “Shapers” to influence mankind.  Opposing them are the blue team, the Resistance.  Rallying behind an artificial intelligence who has effectively influenced a human named Klue.

But a possible third path seems to be emerging from one of the leading discoverers of XM.  Devra Bogdanovich believes that there is a way to protect and preserve mankind from XM influence.  Thus protecting us from the control of either agenda based factional leaders.  Could this be a new leaf helping us to turn from our factional differences to a more united front.  Once where we can influence the world in a positive manner under our own control.

With the increasing number of portals being unlocked, massive amounts of exotic matter are flowing into the environment. New scanner devices are being upgraded to allow a whole new segment of the world to be informed as to what’s going on around them.  It’s only a matter of time before an outbreak of some sort starts to spread.

Xm is having a drastic effect on people in my area of the U.S.  It’s causing more and more agents to behave negatively to others on a daily basis.  Agents on the same team are fighting and calling each other names in Comms.  Opposing agents are driving by and shouting out insults and vulgar comments to agents taking down their farms. When we first were clued into our surroundings we were in control and controlled the portals.  Now with the massive influx of XM on the planet the portals are starting to control us.  It seems to be history repeating itself.

Inoculations was a method created to fight the smallpox disease.  Which could have been an exotic matter inflicted occurrence.

I find it very interesting that my research into this matter leads to two historic “agents” I’ve researched before.   One being Thomas Jefferson, who has claimed to have inoculated 70-80 members of his own family including his neighbors.  Did this agent know what was going down and wanted to protect the ones he cared for?  He even had medium sent to washington and philadelphia to get people protected there.  Those cities are crawling with portals.  The other prominent person being Benjamin Franklin.  He actually stood in opposition to his own brother on the matter of inoculating the masses.  He has published quantitative studies on the value of inoculation, working with several doctors at Pennsylvania Hospital.  He was also concerned with the high cost of the procedure and established the Society for Inoculating the Poor Gratis.

I believe that the influence these portals have on us as humans may lead to some catastrophic times unless we unite together to fight it.  When a portal is controlled by an enlightened agent the the XM flowing from them is controlled by shaper influence.  An unknown influence, wishing to enlighten human kind and dominate their mental decision making functionality. An alien host controlling their puppet.  When the portals are being controlled by the resistance they are protecting those from shaper influence, but at a cost.  The minds of those protected are then being used to strengthen an Artificial Intelligence known as “ADA”.   This AI has shown the power to influence and possess humans and has done so with “Klue”.  This influence seems to lead humans toward a mind controlled matrix like state, where humans will be programmed to do what’s needed and farmed for their thoughts.


This is where the “Third Path” comes in.   One that  will allow us all to remain “US”.  Have our own minds, our own decisions, and rise up against any who should attempt to enslave us.  Whether it be Alien or AI,

protection from XM is the only way we can do this. One that has been talked about by Devra on her google plus page for some time now. Look at what she has been saying there by following this link. And read for yourself her views on the matter. Inoculation was a historical method of smallpox prevention, which seemed to be a drastic and insane measure of treatment.  But even Benjamin Franklin once reported that out of 72 Bostonians inoculated in March 1730 only 2 died, and “the rest have recovered perfect health”.  “Of those who had it in the common way, 1 in 4 passed away.  To introduce a small amount of a disease into your system, to allow your body to create an immunity to it is not all a drastic measure.  All around the world humans take “Flu” shots, or other types of “Inoculations”.  It would not surprise me if Devra hasn’t already, in conjunction with the CDC, instituted her third path.

Watch for yourself and see why I think that possibly all of our current medicines could soon be laced or are already laced with her inoculation to also protect us from XM.

I for one welcome the inoculation. I’ll take the third path, the human path. It’s been a proven protection for humans since the chinese started it in the 10th century.


Make your decision, before it’s made for you!



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The 3rd Path

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