This Week in Niantic History, July 7th-11th, 2014


Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators! My name is Mustafa Said and welcome back to This Week in Niantic History!


So let’s begin with what was revealed on July 11th, 2013:

This NIA Intelligence Report reveal that the three XM Dev Corps are all keeping a watchful eye on Hank Johnson as Operation #Voynich approaches…

How it ties into the story: As the anomaly drew closer, it was revealed that the XM Corps might have been attempting to leverage the anomaly into their own personal goals.


On July 8th, 2013, another document was leaked:


It was Hank’s reply to Zeke Calvin’s request to protect Carrie in Hamburg. In the reply, Johnson lays out his terms, that Zeke’s IQTech friend Lorazon had to be removed from the attempt to protect Carrie Campbell and that once she was safe, he would have control of her Vision Journal….

How it ties into the story: The pages of Carrie’s Vision Journal were at stake at the anomaly. It seemed like there was massive value contained in them…


On July 9th, 2013, another document was leaked:

trueblue (1)

What does it mean to be neutral? Must a journalist and an investigator have no identity of their own, or must they instead be who they are, but always allow the truth to prevail, even when the truth stands against them?” -H. Richard Loeb. 

P.A Chapeau becomes Resistance and promises to not let his new alignment cloud his bias.

How it ties into the story: Chapeau had remained neutral as possible up to this point. Now, after years of trying to keep out of the factional divide he has finally picked a side.


On July 10th, 2013, another document was leaked:


It was a intelligence report from IQTech who had been watching Visur…who had been tracking down Hank Johnson during the Cross Plains Anomaly.

How it ties into the story: It provides further revelations into what occurred with Hank and Hulong during the aftermath of Cross Plains.


And finally, on July 11th, 2013, the sixteenth installment of the Ingress Report was released to the public:


In this episode, Susanna Moyer covers the upcoming Operation #Voynich,  the mysterious disappearance of Klue after #SaveKlue in Portland, Oregon, a series of massive Field Art undertakings strike Italy, Canada and Texas and Sarita Hays interview Agent Kelly Kolton  for this week’s Agent Intel.


What secrets will Operation #Voynich bring? What exactly are the Vision Journal Pages?

As always, Tune into DeCode Ingress next week to see what happened next in Niantic History!


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This Week in Niantic History, July 7th-11th, 2014

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