Anomaly Report for #Helios New Agent Inititive


Hi everyone, my name is Jordon. I’m one of the new recruits here at Decode Ingress reporting on the anomaly series and analysing the scores as they happen with my Scorecards.

Today in Montreal, Chattanooga and Toronto both sides went head to head in the New Agent Initiative.

First off, in Montreal, it was a hard fought battle with the Res winning the first Measurement (R:2,491  – E:1,853), but the Enl fought back in measurements 2 (R:1,049 – E:1,149) and 3 (R:499 – E:2,077 ) to win the city.

The Res almost had a clean sweep in Chattanooga (R:4,798 – E:696), winning almost every category of scoring much like the Enl did in Toronto (R:871 – E:8,877)

#Helios NAI

Overall, there were 1,484 portals claimed at measurement time. More than 25% were level 1 portals but but there were more Level 7 portals than there was level 2 and 3 portals combined.

#Helios NAI portal lvls

Coming up on July 26, #Helios 01:



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Anomaly Report for #Helios New Agent Inititive

by Jordon Mizzi time to read: 1 min