Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.56.0]


Welcome to the 5th teardown at Decode Ingress. With us is Android version 1.56.0. This version is currently on a staged rollout. Assuming no errors crop up for those on 1.56.0, it should hit all scanners shortly. Nothing is immediately visible in this release, except for bigger physical buttons to click and the News of the Day feature is now live. However, as we now know. We can dig beneath whats visible and peek into the APK itself for a closer look. Lets teardown 1.56.0 






In APK since (1.55.0)


First discovered in 1.55.0, missions have seen a significant amount of development. No visual changes in-game yet, but the ideas/structure of the feature becomes more clear. So far the following actions have been programmed. So missions so far can require

  • Installing a Mod on a specific portal
  • Hack a specific portal
  • Link from a specific portal
  • Capture a specific portal
  • Anchor a field from a specific portal

Any combination of the above list are the initial actions possible.

Completing / Viewing Missions

Once a mission is completed, you are asked “Did you like this mission?“. This simple question forms the “5% of agents liked this” stat that appears on the mission list. The following stats appear on the mission view

  • Percent of agents who liked that mission
  • Average time to complete mission
  • Number of agents to play mission (not sure if completed equals played)


  • Mission Markers (dark and light)
  • Stats (Completed, grey-ed out, incomplete)
  • big-arrow / like / time / walk

The above list shows all related new parts of Missions. From layouts to design, pieces of the display functionality are being added. It appears most of these elements will lay over your scanner while a mission is active. Think like a Mission HUD.


For those who play in locations where basic ASCII characters cannot describe portals. You may be interested in this tidbit of news. We found an entire new UTF8 parser. This handles text in hopes to prevent previous errors of searching / ordering for all characters that are used around the world.

Note: We have noticed that leading spaces are included with this new parser. Portal names with leading spaces will appear first on the sorted list.

News of the Day

This feature went live for everyone in 1.56.0 with the addition of the “publishedTimestamp” attribute. It appears on application launch for any news story that you missed regarding Ingress.

Popup during launch of 1.56.0

Pop up during launch of 1.56.0


Nitty Gritty


  • Deprecated: enableProfileLink
  • Deprecated: enableShareButton

Build / Leak Dates

  • Built on July 8
  • Leaked on July 13

Other Things

Sharing another Agent profile now has separate messages for your profile vs others.

TEXT_PROFILE_SHARING_MESSAGE:Ljava/lang/String; = “#Ingress agent profile.”
TEXT_MY_PROFILE_SHARING_MESSAGE:Ljava/lang/String; = “My #Ingress agent profile.”

Buttons have seen an increase in size and font size.

Conclusion of 1.56.0

All work is going towards Missions and bug-fixes it seems. Now that iOS is out in the wild on 1.53.0, it begs the question if versions among the two platforms will remain out of sync. I doubt Niantic would like features reaching one platform before another. So we may see features 100% developed, but disabled server-side until both platforms are ready. As of now (July 13), Android is on a staged rollout of 1.56.0, while iOS launched on 1.53.0.

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Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.56.0]

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