Ingress Scanner 2.0: Explorer/Pioneer Portal Card Beacons


What would you like to see in your Ingress Scanner 2.0 when it comes out?
Creating hype and handing all of this to Niantic for consideration is the aim of the authors.


 ADVISORY: This series of posts is a wishlist and it only speculates about hypothetical (yet very useful) upcoming features which won’t be necessarily included in a “real” release. What’s presented herein and in future related posts may or may not get noticed and adopted. Having said that, read on.


 Hello, Agents. Minor and major features have been added to the Scanner as the game itself evolved. From the old school FPS count, the static Deploy and Mod screen, to the latest addition: multi-recycle. Much of this has been added by public input and suggestion. So we introduce you to a new form of wish list, talking about features we think they should be in next Niantic’s super-release. Agents @Roby65 and @keijo will walk you through.

Today’s Episode: The Explorer/Pioneer Portal Card Beacons


 If you’re a hardcore hacker, you have probably passed by the same Portals over and over. Perhaps you even have a farm with fellow Agents you visit frequently. But, what if the Scanner had an extra notification to indicate if haven’t hacked or captured that Portal at least once? What would that alert look like?

 Agent @pacifico disclosed in a G+ post, this neat feature that could let us know if the Portal has already added to our Explorer/Pioneer count:

 Below the Portal Key icon, there could be two squares which indicate our status regarding the Portal, whether we already hacked or captured it, at least once. If the Portal has been already hacked/captured, these will disappear, meaning the hack/capture actions have already counted for the medal, or vice-versa, showing up if we already hacked/captured it:

 On a different approach, the beacons would appear  near the corresponding Portal buttons, to help new players easily understand the concept:


 This feature would come up very handy for Agents particularly in high Portal density areas; how easy is it to miss a group of unvisited Portals for whatever reason? By having the Explorer/Pioneer beacons, one could quickly tell if the cluster up front is missing a Portal or two  for “The Badges”.

 Stay tuned for our next release!

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  1. Another thing I would like for the portalkeys is to choose if I want to be alerted. When you have lots of portals, there is just to many alerts and not all of them are important. As a result I tend to ignore the alerts. A checkbox on the portalkey card would be much more useful.

  2. Key grouping, favorite keys, key categories, key Circles (TM)? Ability to rename capsules or nickname them? Ability to recharge portals from keys inside capsules?
    Check for banned software in the cellphone (or virtual celphone) so cheaters can’t annoy the rest of us? Check for illegal apps regarding Ingress scanner GPS spoofing, multi account use? Triggers set to alert when a user resets the scanner too often or whatever means they use to use multiple accounts on a single device?
    A portion of the GPS data analysed daily by the scanner or servers to check that GPS is being used or WiFi/Network location is being used for location fix. GPS satellites give lots of data, the player could be sitting on a bench without moving at all, yet the data changes: satellite time, satellite relative position, signal strenghts. WiFi and network location change when player moves. Whatever happens to this data should be analyzed by scanner or servers to detect cheaters. Simple: if the player “moves” but the same MAC address and SSID (other data may apply to) is used in the new location and other visible WiFi networks are the same then it’s a spoofer. OK, they may be tethering so that’s why other visible networks are important. Data could be sampled every time the location “moves” 500m from the last sample which is about the diameter that portals are loaded around the player. Doing that a couple times in the same Ingress session or the same day.
    Getting back to the game: ability to see my guardian’s key (protected by account password).
    Own faction L8 portals marked on the scanner? Useful when farming a dense portal area, easier to find missing resonators.
    Larger inventory on leveling up L9?
    COMM: alerts distance filter: useless. Attack/messages filter: more useful. Messages get lost in OPs when attacked. What about personal messages? I mean All/Faction/PM
    Virtual Intel Map where you can really draw and make some intelligence?
    Ingress: a social game without a usable chat, an strategy game without an intelligent “intel” map.

    • In addition: ability to auto recharge XM if it falls below user set level, providing agent holds a Power Cube in inventory. Very often those seconds lost looking for suitable Power Cube to restore XM in order to defend portal are very critical in portal protection. Also I’m (and I think lot of people would agree) not happy with COMM. It’s unresponsive very often, messages get delivered too late (like, what’s the use for alerts of attack on portal when by the time I get them portal is already in enemy hands?). Many users (at least in my area) use Hangouts for game messages – it delivers message right away, it’s fully responsive, users are able to create group chats for players needed for specific operations or simply regional group chats, also use of emoticons instead of words can save precious time.

  3. How about display mode on the intel webpage that would allow for a usable, printable(white background, black roads) portal map for easier planning or hard copy map of locations while travelling? Options for different overlays(faction, links, fields, etc) would be good too.

  4. Being Able to upgrade existing mods, ie a common shield upgraded to rare etc. Better notifications about being attacked literally the most annoying thing in the game for me is the in ability to defend, it becomes a game of…they destroy you rebuild ad infinitum.

  5. How about sorting portal keys by more criteria? By title, by distance, by number of keys, by charge of portal, by level? I spend a lot of time for swiping my keylist to find damaged resonators and recharge them. And upgrading existing mods is required.

  6. I’d like three things in Ingress 2.0:
    1. A third faction
    2. Some sort of PvP – I think attacks should affect all members of other factions as if they were portals, reducing their XM tank levels appropriately. You should be able to get shields for yourself just like the shields you put on portals. Maybe other sorts of enhancements for your scanner that make it more capable in other ways too? Faster hacking, more productive hacking, more powerful attacks?
    3. Some sort of enhanced reality feature using the camera like Pokemon Go – you point your camera at the portal and see the XM showering out, maybe you see the other active scanners in the vicinity as well. This would be cool chrome, not essential for gameplay but making the game seem more up to date.

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Ingress Scanner 2.0: Explorer/Pioneer Portal Card Beacons

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