The Global Battle to Defeat Devra’s Portal Virus


The battle has begun to defeat Devra’s Portal virus which increased the natural decay rate of portals.

What is the Devra Portal Virus?
During an episode of the Ingress Report, Devra Bogdanovich unleashes a Portal Virus that increased the portal decay rate from 15% a day to 34%.

How can the Devra Portal Virus be stopped?
From the research of Martin Schubert, it was determined that if the combined (Enlightened / Resistance) Global MU Level is above 700 Million at the end of the first Helios anomaly, it may return the decay rate back to 15%.

What is #TealOrNoDeal?
#TealOrNoDeal is a global cross faction effort to build alternating layered fields to hit the 700 Million Global MU required to stop the virus. If you’d like us to share the SitReps of your Operations, share the post on Google+ with the hashtags #DecodeIngress and #TealOrNoDeal

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The Global Battle to Defeat Devra’s Portal Virus

by Jordon Mizzi time to read: 1 min