Anomaly Report for #Helios 02 – 26 July


Round 2 of #Helios was a very close battle between the two factions with only 1.6 points difference before factoring in the cell scores showing that in this series, every portal in every city will count.

Both Teams won 3 Additional Cells each but with Bangkok being the Volatile, the Enlightened got the boost.


The battle was fierce in San Diego with the Resistance covering the city with a field contributing 131 points to their score but the Enlightened won by controlling most of the portals (R:99 – E:148) and volatile portals (R:6 – E:14)

San Diego

In Boston, the Enlightened had a covering field for the first 2 measurements earning them 33.6 points but when the field came down, their score was significantly boosted with 27 links established earning them 81 points. The bulk of the resistance’s score came from controlling the Volatile Portals (R:130 pts – E:60 pts)


In Philadelphia, The Resistance won almost all scoring categories except for portals in the 3rd measurement where the Enlightened tried to fight back.


Stay tuned for continued coverage of the #Helios Anomaly series.

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Anomaly Report for #Helios 02 – 26 July

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