Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.57.1]


Welcome to the 7th edition of Ingress Teardowns. This time we are peeking into 1.57.1. This version is currently on a small rollout to a Play Store near you. Missions of course are the big interested topic, so if you haven’t heard of them yet. Please read the 1.55.0 Teardown (Missions first discovered) and 1.56.0 Teardown (Development of Missions continued), as we will not repeat details in this teardown. Enjoy!


New Portal View screen

When selecting a key in your inventory, you are presented with a large rotating picture of the portal. Also, the Recharge button has been moved to a new location.

Mass Recycle keys

The first complaint following the Mass Recycle feature (introduced in 1.54.0) was lack of mass key recycling. Rejoice, your suggestion has been taken into consideration and added!



In APK since (1.55.0)


In this iteration of development we saw the connection of layout to backend code, along with a lot of the visual changes and actions being developed / finished. For example, when you finish a mission, and complete the waypoints / tasks. You will be greeted with a nice message.

You’ve earned a Mission medal.

Now lets take a quick breath before panicking. I don’t believe this medal is like one that would go on our profile page (ie badges). I see an entire label and table contained within the mission layouts. This means that this medal is probably isolated to that feature. These medals are probably more or less proof that you completed that mission.

There is a timer that runs for missions for calculating how long it took you. This timer only has the following fields

Minutes, Hours and Days

On the surface, this is probably nothing, but it might be a hint for missions that cannot be completed in a less than an hour. There may be missions that take days or more. Or on the flip side of the coin this is just a precaution for agents who may take a lot of time.

Missions appear to be nearing the end of its development. I would venture a guess that the next version might have this feature live. It would be the 4th release since the discovery of this addition, which is about the timescale that new features (Capsules and levels) seem to take for development and launching.

Android Backup

A tiny change caught my eye this week. A boolean value for the allowBackup attribute was changed to false.


I switch between phones a lot, so using applications that utilize adb backup isn’t uncommon for me. Then again, Ingress is mainly server side so this change doesn’t hurt as bad as applications that only have client side storage. Still makes me wonder what triggered this change.

Field Trip

As we’ve spoken before about Niantic’s other application: Field Trip. There are two new files (SimpleFieldTripCard and FieldTripCard), which directly relate to that application. However, they are not referenced anywhere else yet. So there functionality and use in Ingress is still unknown.


Language strings were renamed, translations modified, languages abstracted and 10+ locales were updated. If your language is not English, I would take a look because maybe something language related has changed.

Nitty Gritty


  • Added enableBadAnalyticsTrackingEventLogging

Build Dates

  • Built July 29
  • Obtained July 29


Along with the almost completed development of missions. I saw another hint at the dreaded XM bug that continues to affect people. There are multiple states of the game when simply at the scanner screen. With some in-game actions triggering an updateVacuumedEnergyGlobs function, this function I believe is in response to that bugIf you’ve experienced vanishing XM during hacking. I would give 1.57.1 a try and report back.


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Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.57.1]

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