#TealOrNoDeal Operation SITREPs


When the potential cure for Devera’s Portal Virus was announced, many cross faction hangouts around the world lit up to work on plans to combat a common enemy. Operations to covertcities around the world with many layers took place for the first 14 checkpoint of Septicycle 2014.28 resulting in successfully achieving a combined total of 886 million Mind Units by the checkpoint.

Below is a summary of some of the large operations that took place.

If you’d like your #TealOrNoDeal operation added, let us know.

Teal or no deal


Switzerland, Austria and Germany
Melbourne, Australia
California, USA
Brisbane, Australia
AL, TN and KY, USA

North East UK
Montreal, Canada
Pennsylvania, USA
Norfolk, UK

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#TealOrNoDeal Operation SITREPs

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