This Week in Niantic History, August 4th-8th, 2014


Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators! My name is Mustafa Said and welcome back to This Week in Niantic History.


So let’s begin with what was revealed on August 4th, 2013:


It was a conversation between Yuri Alaric Nagassa and Stein Lightman, both of them being former Niantic Project Researchers. They were chatting about the mysterious nature of the Shaper Glyphs that were being crafted by Agents during Operation #Minotaur just the day before…

How it ties into the story: The Glyph challenge remains a mystery. Perhaps IQTech, who propagated the idea, might have insight on the matter?


On August 5th, 2013, another document surfaced:


 It was a conversation between Roland Jarvis, leader of the Enlightened who at the time was an XM Entity, and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, the father of the XM Scanner who was at the time aligned and employed with IQTech Research.

How it ties into the story: This conversation kicked off the first major Anomaly ever, an Anomaly that to this day we still don’t know the full implications of: Operation #Cassandra ….. 


On August 6th, 2013, A statement from H. Richard Loeb, operator of the Niantic Project Investigator Board, was released:

14 - 1

In the statement, Loeb calls upon the Resistance to defend themselves against the rising wave of the Enlightened, even going as far as to convince them to align with the NIA. 

How it ties into the story: Loeb challenges the mission of the Enlightened in Cassandra and attempts to rally Resistance Agents to claim the Anomaly….


On August 7th, 2013, another document was leaked:


It was a conversation between J. Phillips and an unknown Senator. The document confirmed that the NIA was planning to manipulate the Global Resistance in order to claim the Cassandra Anomalies.

How it ties into the story: Just the day before we were told to align with the NIA. Now this comes out.  This document alone proves just how little we should trust the NIA….


And finally, on August 8th, 2013, the twentieth installment of the Ingress Report was released to the public(and this one’s a fun one):

In this episode, Susanna Moyer cover the Resistance victory at #Minotaur, Enlightened Agents from Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel coordinate to created the first ever Control Field that crosses closed borders and Susanna reveals her stance on the nature of #Cassandra….


Cassandra is coming. Are you ready?


Tune into DeCode Ingress next week to find out what happened next in Niantic History!


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This Week in Niantic History, August 4th-8th, 2014

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