Exclusive First Look At Missions


Hello agents and welcome to our world exclusive first look at missions in ingress and how they will be implemented.

Scroll to the bottom for all the new info we’ve added including a video!

Missions have been teased at for some time and we are thrilled to bring you the first look at actual screen caps of them running in the scanner (these are NOT photoshopped). Please note: we are having to speculate to a degree on how these functions will be used.

The first image we have for you is a capture of the available missions list. This area should indicate all the available missions you could start: (that first one looks especially cool).

Mission List


Some time ago we found the following mission objective entries in our APK teardown:


This area should allow users to create custom missions and specify the objectives. These objectives can be seen implemented here:

mission objectives 1


The initial list of possible objectives is fairly comprehensive already and carries on here:


mission objectives 2


There is also a mission details screen which gives the time to complete, the user feedback (liked or didn’t like the mission) and the number of agents who have attempted it.


Mission Details


That’s all we have for now but there are a few more components to this being worked on. We will update you further as more details become available.

New screens of a mission being played have arrived! (with a special badge treat yayyy calvinball!)


player 2014-08-18 23-26-56-10


Mission info screen

player 2014-08-18 20-51-47-41Enroute to hack the portal to complete the mission.

player 2014-08-18 22-03-35-12

Mission badge in the inventory.
player 2014-08-18 22-03-53-41

Mission badge click-through view.

player 2014-08-18 21-20-22-64

Here is the post-mission-completion feedback screen. Yeah the medal image got missed, but you get the idea…

Here it is! An actual video of a basic mission being played!

Are you hyped for missions to go live in your scanner soon? We certainly are!

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Exclusive First Look At Missions

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