This Week in Niantic History, August 18th-22nd, 2014


Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators! My name is Mustafa Said and welcome back, as always, to This Week in Niantic History!

So let’s begin with what was revealed on August 18th, 2013: 


These six audio files are known as the Jarvis Manifesto, released via Portal Hacks the weekend before this day. This message from Jarvis tells us quite a bit about what the Enlightened are fighting for in #Cassandra. I left my thoughts on this matter on Operation Essex here:

On August 19th, 2013, another document surfaced on the Investigator Board:


It was a conversation between +H. Richard Loeb and Carrie Campbell. The topic: #Cassandra. 

While Richard was obviously worried about the state of the situation, Carrie seemed to have a plan in motion to stop whatever was coming…..

On August 20th, 2013, another document surfaced:

It was a psychological profile of Susanna Moyer, the host of the Ingress Report. It was conducted by IQTech Research.

The mystery of who Susanna really was began to grow and this document only helped to fuel the fire…..

On August 21st, 2013, a video surfaced:

It was a message from Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, the creator of the Ingress Scanner. The message was a bit odd to hear at the time and little was unknown about what he was talking about but further intel from the Investigator Board would reveal a different picture. Keep this video in your mind-I’ll refer to and address it soon enough.


And finally, on August 22nd, 2013, The twenty-second installment of the Ingress Report is released to the public:

In the episode, Susanna Moyer continues to report from a series of secret locations on the events of Operation #Cassandra. Seems like no matter where she goes, she’s always being hunted-even these days, she’s not totally safe….



#Cassandra is ending. And the world just might change after it does….

Tune into DeCode Ingress next week to see what happened next in Niantic History!

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This Week in Niantic History, August 18th-22nd, 2014

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