Ingress How To Play – Part 3


I am proud to release Part 3 of the Ingress How To Play series. This video shows some more of advanced aspects of Ingress that you wouldn’t necessarily tell a young Agent just picking up the scanner. However, new and veteran Agents alike should be able to take something away from the Ingress How To Play series. Thank you for your time, enjoy!

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Mostly known for my How To Play series on YouTube. As a writer for DeCode Ingress, I mainly cover Scanner Updates and other breaking news type items. If you ever have any feedback, don't be shy to leave a comment on here or my YouTube. Even welcome to direct messages on Google+.

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  1. What version of the scanner do you use? On 1m40s you selected a portal and get “Recharge”, “Drop” and “Recycle” next to each other with the “OK” in the second line. That’s different. Or maybe even old instead of new?

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Ingress How To Play – Part 3

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