This Week in Niantic History, Sept. 1st-5th, 2014


Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators! My name is Mustafa Said and welcome back, as always, to This Week in Niantic History!


So let’s begin with what was revealed on September 1st, 2013: 


One year ago today a document surfaced on the Niantic Project Investigator Board. 

It was another comic book page made by Tycho, showing us another glimpse into the events of Epiphany Night and the escape of Roland Jarvis and Devra Bogdanovich

How it ties into the story: More info of the Epiphany Night escape were revealed.


On September 2nd, 2013, a video was released:


It was a small conversation between H. Richard Loeb and Carrie Campbell. I’ll leave the contents of the video for you to decide….

How it ties into the story: This may have been the last time anyone saw Carrie alive. After Cassandra, she vanished into thin air….


On September 3rd, 2013, a document surfaced on the Niantic Project Investigator Board:

In this conversation between J. Phillips and Ken Owen, much is learned about the secrets of who was targeting Susanna Moyer during Cassandra and the fate of the Ingress Beta…

How it ties into the story: Secrets are revealed and the mystery of who was after Moyer deepens.
On September 4th, 2013, another document surfaced on the Investigator Board:

The Great Divide

In this Tycho Poster, we see…well, we see a person who resembles Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and a statue. We can assume that the thing in the statue is Roland Jarvis pre-13MAGNUS. You can make the phrases out yourself. But what does this mean?


How it ties into the story: Okay. SO remember this little video I reviewed last week? Here it is:


This video was taken before the events in the poster happened. We can then assume that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe went to Jarvis after the video was done and what happened in the poster-some kind of attack on Wolfe-occurred. From there, Lynton-Wolfe became dedicated to defeating Jarvis, even trying to fight back and destroy him. The result of that…I’ll cover it someday but if you were following the events of last Oct to December, you already know.


And finally, on September 5th, 2013, the twenty-fourth installment of the Ingress Report was released:

In this installment…well, you’ll have to see it yourself. All I’ll say is that it’s no regular report.


Cassandra is over. But what comes next?

Tune into DeCode Ingress, as always, next week to see what happened next in Niantic History!

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This Week in Niantic History, Sept. 1st-5th, 2014

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