Where to Find Codes to Solve


Historically, codes were found on the Niantic Investigation Board. Unfortunately, on October 1 2013, Henry Richard Loeb posted this message to the board:

This Investigation Board contains the evidence of a conspiracy so vast it cannot be contained by this dimension.

We are under attack. We are at the brink of being shaped into a new species. We are wrapped in symbiotic harmony with another intelligence, somewhere, that enhances our minds when we visit The Portals.

Any or All of these statements may be true.

To those who discover this website, dive deeper. The Investigations List will lead you to the truth.

Once your eyes are open, join us at +NianticProject where the investigation continues, growing in strength and scale each passing day.

Be warned. The safety of ignorance, once shed, can never be found again.

Henry Richard Loeb
aka P. A. Chapeau


Codes are now generally found on Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and IRC.

The majority of codes will be found in images released on various Google+ accounts. The posts will be reshared through +Niantic Project eventually but here’s a circle of all known accounts which will have codes in images.

JoJo Stratton has been posting the Word of the Day on Google+ as well.

The Verum Inveniri Console is also a source for many passcodes with a wide range of difficulty levels.

On YouTube, the Ingress account will have weekly Ingress Report and Obsessed videos. There hasn’t been any codes discovered in Season 2 of Obsessed but Season 1 had videos embedded in the videos and in the comments.

Frame in Obsessed Episode 1 with passcode highlighted in yellow.

Frame in Obsessed Episode 1 with passcode highlighted in yellow.

A comment left in Obsessed Episode 3

A comment left in Obsessed Episode 3

In the Ingress Report, codes can sometimes be embedded in the video, in the description, in the annotations, or in the keywords. There are also videos that relate to the storyline that are posted to the Ingress YouTube channel.


On Twitter, codes will be tweeted shortly before or after the “main” Niantic Project post.


On Facebook, codes will sometimes be posted within a link’s summary.


As mentioned in Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #011.3 the IRC channel is also a place to find passcodes. As of September 9, there is a code on the #niantic channel on irc.irchighway.net by typing !help in the channel.

I hope that helps some of the newer decoders get familiar with the various locataions where codes hide.

What’s Next?

We’re finally going back to our passcode walkthroughs in the next article!

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Where to Find Codes to Solve

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