Helios 09 & 10 Additional Cells CP 15 Update


After some emphatic agent feedback, we’d like to add:

For Helios #10 the battle will rage into the next cycle where the first measurement will be the one that counts. Prepping those fields now may lead to a great payoff for when the cycle rolls over!

Roughly mid way through the Septicycle towards the final 2 rounds of Helios and the battle rages on in 12 cities around the world.

For Helios 09, the score is split with 3 cells for each side with Lisbon being the closest.

For Helios 10, the Enlightened currently hold 4 of the 6 cities but New York is locked in a close battle with only about 60 k MU between the two sides.

Stay tuned for more updates.

cycle 36 cp 15

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Helios 09 & 10 Additional Cells CP 15 Update

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