Anomaly Report for #Helios DICE – 24 September


The Resistance lead in all three measurements to win the #Helios DICE anomaly by 170 points and earn 1 more Helios Point.

The Helios Points currently sit at Res:33 – Enl:21

21 Helios Artifacts are currently captured: Res:16 – Enl: 5

There are 19 Helios Artifacts remaining worth 1 point each and Helios anomalies 09 and 10 are worth 4 points each leaving a total of 27 points still up for grabs.

Tune in this weekend for the Helios Grand Finale

DICE Scores


Quick update on additional cells for Helios 09 and 10

As of Checkpoint 21 the Additional cells are as follows:

For Helios 09: Res: 3 – Enl:3

For Helios 10*: Res: 3 – Enl:3

*The rules for Helios 10 haven’t been released yet, so I am still unsure if it is going to be Septicycle 36 or 37 counting towards the results but if the anomaly starts at the usual time of 2pm local time, the first checkpoint of cycle 37 will be the only one that counts. If it starts only 1 hour earlier, all of cycle 36 will count.

Cell update

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Anomaly Report for #Helios DICE – 24 September

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