Anomaly Report for #Helios 09 & 10 – 27 September


Resistance have won the Helios anomaly series!

The Resistance steamed ahead in Munich capturing over 400 portals despite the Enlightened being able to create 94 links.


The battle was tough in Gothenburg with the leader changing every measurement. The Resistance managed to win by only 4.4 points



In Riga, the battle began very close until the enlightened took the lead with a covering field in the last measurement


Both sides won 3 additional cells each. The Enlightened managed to capture over 4 million mind units across the cells compared to the Resistance’s 3 million.

CellsAll Cities

In Tacoma, the Resistance lead by a large margin for the most of it until the last measurement where there was only a single point between the two sides


Sacramento was an entirely Enlightened dominated affair.


Vancouver was a relatively quite event with only 294 points between the two sides, almost equal to 1 measurement from Tacoma.


With only a single checkpoint to fight for, the Enlightened won 2 cells including the volatile and the Resistance won 4 cells.

Additional Cells

The Resistance’s win in Tacoma was big enough to defeat the Enlightened’s win in Sacramento and Vancouver.

All cities

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Anomaly Report for #Helios 09 & 10 – 27 September

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