#Helios Anomaly Series Summary


19,341 Points, 4,569 Portals, 138 Measurements, 48 Cells, 40 Artifacts, 31 Cities, 11 Anomalies and the Resistance have won the Helios Anomaly Series.


Point Graph

Anomaly Graph


Anomaly Results

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Additional Cells

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Reporter for the Anomalies


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  2. Not sure I am getting the math in the first picture “Anomaly report for #Helios”.
    I am guessing that the total should be Helios points + artefacts. At least that works out with the Resistance score, 25+16=41. But for the Enlightened it seems a little off, 16+6=21.
    Or am I missing something here?

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#Helios Anomaly Series Summary

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