UPDATE: Portal Decay Rate is Back to Normal


The battle against the Devra Virus is finally over, and Portal Decay rate is back to 15% a day. Activation of the Helios Artifacts has helped restore the Portal Network back to normal!

Impact - Portal Decay

This was a long fight:

Portal Virus v1

All of this started on the 10th of July, when Devra Bogdanovich unleashed the Portal Virus:

This first version of the virus was very effective and it pumped the decay rate from an initial 15% to 34% per day. This meant that every portal in the world would decay in just 72 hours. As an Agent still struggling with earning my Guardian badge, I did not welcome this change. It influenced my play a lot – however, it made much easier to level up my Recharger badge.

Martin Schubert’s research showed us the way to fight this virus. His conclusion was that the effect of the virus would be reversed if the combined Global MU Level reached above 700 Million.

Even after we managed to get Global MU Level to more than 700 Million however, portal decay rate did go down to 20% per day on the 1st of August.

Portal Virus v2

Not long after the defeat of the first virus, on the 8th of August, Devra activated a new version. It increased the decay rate to 25% a day, meaning that portals would total decay in 96 hours. This time, though less harmful, the virus was much more resilient.

Portal Decay rate is back to normal

Activation of the Helios Artifacts has finally helped to undo effects of Devra’s virus. An unexpected side effect of this however, is that the Helios Artifacts became a beacon, sending a message to something that even the Shapers fear – or, as Hank Johnson says, “their worst nightmare.”

New Anomaly

Agents, prepare for the next Anomaly: October 18th, in Brussels and Salt Lake City, with satellite Sites in Aarhus, Anchorage, Berne, Honolulu, Pune and Vilnius.


Rumor has it that it’s codename is: “Darsana”. As we keep gathering info about it, we’ll keep you posted… SOOOON!

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UPDATE: Portal Decay Rate is Back to Normal

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