Anomaly Report for #Darsana 01 & 02 – 18 October


In the first round of the #Darsana Anomaly Series,  The Resistance won all 5 cities earning almost double the cluster points to the Enlightened (E:1030 – R:2052). The Resistance also managed to field over 4 of the 5 cities.

Cities 01

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The only #Darsana points the Enlightened won in round 1 were from winning in 4 cells including the Volatile.

Cells 01

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#Darsana 02 was a much closer battle with the Enlightened winning in Honolulu, but the other 2 cities still went to the Resistance.

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The Enlightened managed to win the majority of the cells again and accumulated over 23 million Mind Units across the 6 cells compared to the Resistances 5 million with most of the Mind Units from both sides coming from Jakarta.

Cells 02

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#Darsana 03 is on November 15 in the following cities:

New Orleans, LA, USA,
Oklahoma City, OK, USA,
Santo Domingo, DO
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

As well as a global event to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Ingress

See you then!

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  1. Awesome win in Vilnius, Lithuania by using bots. Congratulations resistance. Auto links, autodeploy shields using more than 60 bots, guarding random portals for linking, just awesome. Congratulations with your well deserved points. Oh yeah, and apparently Enlightenment had some bots aswell, unfortunately they only deployed linkamps to use up mod places.

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Anomaly Report for #Darsana 01 & 02 – 18 October

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