#IngressFS – November 2014


The very first #IngressFS saw over 2000 agents around the world who earned a combined 525 million AP and 600 level ups!

The global average AP gain per agent is 239,760 AP with Bratislava, Slovakia having the highest average of 458,116 with 39 agents participating.

The most levels gained was in Kyoto, Japan with 29 level ups and the most AP earned was in Cologne, Germany with 31,656,860 AP

Average AP

Attendance numbers for Bangkok, Phoenix, Cape Town, Asuncion, Chennai and Norwich couldn’t be found. If anyone can help fill in the blanks, please let us know and we will update this post.

Thank you to Manda Harrison for helping find and fill in the data. And thank you to everyone who supplied the info for their events .

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#IngressFS – November 2014

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