Tweet to get Gold, Platinum and Onyx Innovator Medals plus 2x AP



There is a new development with Innovator Medals. Ingress just published a challenge to unlock 3 new tiers of Innovator medal plus additional week of double AP.

Here is the challenge:

On Thursday November 6 starting 9AM PT, we should tweet #Ingress in 7 words. If we exceed 1000 tweets in a hour we will win the challenge.

If we reach this goal then on Nov 15 at 11:59:59 PM PT all agents that reach following Access Levels will earn Innovator Medals:

  • L3 – Bronze
  • L9 – Silver
  • L11 – Gold
  • L13 – Platinum
  • L15 – Onyx

What is more interesting is that this medal will count towards leveling up!


Happy tweeting agents!


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  1. What means- counts towards leveling up? Does it mean, if i’m lvl 9 and earn the silver medal till Nov. 15 and get lvl 11 in February, that the medal will turn from silver to gold?

    • See, I recently found that a friend of mine plays even stranger game. They gather in a small room filled with smoke, take a deck of papers, put them around the table, drink a lot, smoke then drink again and then go home.

  2. I am assuming that, if you get it at gold, it stays gold.
    BUT, this “gold” will count to any leveling needs…
    Good thing: If you are Lvl15, it is VERY hard to get Onyx…. this will pop ya to 16

    I have Questions 2:
    SHould I tweet
    “#INGRESS in 7 words”
    “I=Innovation, N=Never, G=Groovy, R=Rad, E-Exquisite, S=surely, S=Smurfy #Ingress”
    and 1000… per person? (and how will they connect the users with tweet handles)
    or, if 1000 peeps do it, the badge will flip for all?

  3. Ingress is the best game what i ever played. New missions make the game interesting . I walked 439 km and more is coming up and i hope that ingress goes on and makes the levels more higher until 32 or 40. It would be moore fun.your navyseals

  4. This sucks big time.
    I’ve been working my ass of become the first L15 in my area, and with this a bunch will get there at the same time. Past months work seems a bit like a waste of time and energy.
    If the badge was based on some kind of ingame activity I’d be fine with it. Or if it didn’t count towards levelling. But this just feels cheap.

    Some might argue that the level the agent currently is at counts, but that’s not really how the badges work. A badge gained for a certain level that then counts for levelling up is just retarded.

    • I sympathise. At my averaged rate my next platinum would be early 2016 by which time I would have the AP for 15. If these badges happen then I will be just chasing AP for a week or so.

    • WirelessMike on

      I completely agree. My advice is to get the word out to as many true founders as possible to boycott this. The intention would be better served tweaking the requirements for the Seer badge than just GIVING a level-up to pretty much anyone L8 or higher to put them at the same level as those who have really worked for it.

      The whole idea is BS, in my opinion.

  5. This is even more excruciating for me with the leveling-applicable Gold/Platinum/Onyx variants than if I were just stuck with an ugly silver forever. With an ugly silver-looking badge, everyone just has to ignore it (like the verified badge). With a leveling-usable true badge, I am being teased with the prospect of the badge I desperately need—but despite having already “earned” L15 to get it, I won’t be processed in time. :-(

    All I lack to hit L15 are 100 approved portals towards seer—and based on my decent record for acceptance percentages, it is certain that whatever my 500th approval ends up being, I submitted it well before mid-July …but the processing backlog means I won’t be officially awarded my platinum Seer badge until at least December.

    Hence, even though I “completed” L15 long ago, I won’t get that precious Onyx badge for it.

    Adding insult to injury, if I did get that Onyx I might have a chance to hit L16 one day, but without it… no chance. (Bot runners with a grudge against me kill all my guardians at roughly 120 days, and my rural state limits options for grinding other stats…).

    tl;dr This change epically sucks for me:
    * Months of waiting for my completed Seer to be processed ->
    * Not being recognized as L15 in time to have this Onyx ->
    * Losing the best leveling workaround for the bot-based guardian hunting used against me.

    May the Shapers guide Niantic’s reviews and bless us all with a completed submission queue in the next ten days!

    • So Im level 12 (1 gold from L13) I am already qualified for the gold icon, by getting this icon will raise me to L13 thus qualifying me for the platinum icon. you suppose it will work that way, I doubt it?

      btw ive been sitting at 499 approved for seer for many weeks, 160 in que, I feel your pain.

      • Yeah, it’s pretty much certain that the badge will be awarded based on checking every agent’s stats at the deadline and thereafter the eligibility won’t be re-evaluated (since strictly speaking, the moment of evaluation came before the level up the badge subsequently caused).

  6. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this is not a gifting game. The triple AP has made people level so fast lately, this free badge of color will push alot whom are level 11 or higher into another level, extending double AP… I don’t like it. All the work veteran players have been doing for 2+ years is getting marginalized with all this. I am seeing level 8 agents at record rates and it is almost disheartening. The achievement I had with getting the level seems tainted now.

    Get rid of these gimmick techniques to get people to play and put more resources in QoL changes that help the player want to keep playing…

  7. I love this, my gf and I were playing under my account only since she did not have a smart phone, now that she has her own smart phone and ingress, this has helped her get a kick start at leveling.

    Now I’m wondering, did the 1k/hour happen?

    Who cares if low levels get up to 8 faster…it makes the game more fun that way, more of a challenge…I just hope our town gets more enlightened playing, it’s a nasty cesspool of blue ever since I started.

  8. Michael Cornelissen on

    The bronze medal is thus rendered useless. I’m working towards L9 and have no need for a bronze. It’s just junk to me.

  9. The Innovator Medals should be awarded based on the AP (and not the player level).

    This would really help us tu level up.

  10. I live in an area of very high activity where keeping a guardian is next to impossible. So I left it to the last minute (or so I thought) to try desperately to hang onto one, but I miscalculated and I’m pretty sure it’ll only be 19.6 days old at 23:59:59 on the 15th – so I lose out on the gold innovator by a matter of hours…

  11. I hit level 11 on Friday Nov 14th, but I still haven’t been awarded the Innovator badge. When should I recieve it?

  12. Last ICE Age <= "…I hit level 11 on Friday Nov 14th, but I still haven’t been awarded the Innovator badge. When should I recieve it?…<= Next ICE age.
    If you need more granularity, May I recommend a Ouija board or a Magic 8ball?

  13. I am with Michael C. This badge is junk to me now. If there’s no way to level up this badge then what help is to have it?

  14. Soooo…. by that logic Todd, all Onyx medals (and the Plat Seer Medal) are junk to you, since they can not be leveled any higher…

    You do NOT level up Badges, You level up your Agent. Medals are simply a nice way to show progress.

    You were a member at the 2 year mark. Your level at that point is demonstrated by the color of that medal.


    • Ingress Newbie on

      Soooo…. you need medals to level up past level eight These are a minimum of silver.
      Soooo…. bronze iclearly junk to newer or lower level players who were not high enough for silver or above at the the time of the award; where the medal cannot currently be upgrading to silver.
      Soooo…… you DO level your badges to level your agent. Medals are NOT a nice way to show your progress, some are pointless or easy to for some while others can be prohibitively difficult depending on your local portals and faction dominance.
      Sooo… by your logic you clearly dip not seem to have read Todd’s post correctly or completely misunderstood it.

      +1 Todd for raising a valid point. Hopefully they will introduce future methods to upgrade this medal.
      -5 to Everseeker for the unhelpful and sarcastic sounding reply which was both misleading and unnecessary.
      Soooo….. by your logic, you should give up. If Seer Onyx is too much for you, maybe try an easier game and your chosen faction will be happier for the loss of an individual so easily defeated by a medal requiring you to put in some creative effort.

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Tweet to get Gold, Platinum and Onyx Innovator Medals plus 2x AP

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