Decode Ingress: 2nd Birthday


Two years ago I started Decode Ingress. At the time I just wanted to write about this new game that Google made, and I wanted to help people in decoding puzzles on Niantic Project website. Ingress fascinated me as a simple, yet engaging and addictive game. And back story seemed endless, as it still seems.

In the beginning I was playing Ingress for fun, and then DI took over my play time. I was playing just to figure out game logic, how to create more fields, what is link distance formula, how does shield mitigation work. After a while I noticed not only how much time I invested in playing the game, but how much more was devoted to writing for DI. At that point I switched to real site, from just another sub domain on Those were the months when I would stay up to 5am to catch the new puzzles, passcodes, hints, news, items, videos. It was demanding but also a rewarding process: Decode started evolving, and in just a few months 10 000 people were following DI on Google+, Twitter, Facebook. On Jan 15, 2013 DI already had 1 million page views! From then on, it wasn’t just my personal blog about a game anymore – it attracted amazing people, from decoders to artists, who work as a team and who contributed immensely to what DI is now. Last year we published infographic about 1st year of Decode Ingress where you can see more detailed milestones and stats.

Now, on the 2nd Decode Ingress birthday, I feel even more proud. This grew far beyond any expectations I had, and became big part of my life. All this couldn’t happen without your help! Every page view, share, comment, post in Google+ community and every new team member encouraged me to keep it up, to push forward.

Dear friends, team members, decoders, followers and readers: thank you! DI has been around for two years due to your inspiring dedication. We’re looking forward to years to come!

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  1. During the time that I participated with you guys I felt blessed and had a wonderful experience. Meeting amazing people like you all and understanding more and more about this wonderful way of life called Ingress. Happy birthday to you too DI and many more!

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Decode Ingress: 2nd Birthday

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