Ingress Missions Creation Open for all Verified L9+ Agents



Finally! More Agents can create Ingress Missions. Now all verified Level 9 and above Agents have access to Mission Authoring Tool that Niantic created. You can find tool at this link where you can login with your google account and start creating missions now. There is a great help article that covers mission creating

Be sure to understand mission criteria before you submit your missions:

Agents have fun and share your creations:

Complete a mission today, and share your favorites with the #IngressMissions hashtag.


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  1. Now only six missions show up at a time, when there were more available before. I suppose the missions offered depend on them being within a certain range, but how am I supposed to know what missions are in other cities before making a trip?

  2. I confirm that L8 can now create missions. I submitted two of them today. We will see how long they take to approve.

    • The mission creator is a version of the intel map. Since the intel map barely works on mobile devices, I doubt the mission creator map will work any better.

    • Like anything in a game, you do it for fun. If it isn’t fun, do something else.

      You get progress on the SpecOps _medal_, as well as the mission _badge_. The medal is the hexagonal bit which counts total missions, while the badge is the bit of circular art for the individual mission.

      Some badges have neat art, or even fit together to make a larger picture.
      When travelling, I’ve done missions to add their badges to my profile, as a sort of souvenir.
      Missions can also be helpful organizational tools if you’re trying to get all the unique hacks in an area.

    • The article was from over 8 months ago. Prior to this, mission creation was only for those invited to test it. A couple months after this article, it was lowered to 8+, and a while later, 7+. Niantic may lower the requirement again, if they don’t have enough new missions coming in, but since the approval process has slowed down, they may be at their desired rate for now.

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  4. On a sub-note , things that need to be added , 1-An option of the tree view to only view either gree or blue keys. 2-When visiting an area more than once and highlighting a portal – a note that says-You have visited this portal 0 times or 100 times you know while you are gathering you you dont miss any…These i think would be a great eddit/addition. Tyvm…

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Ingress Missions Creation Open for all Verified L9+ Agents

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