3 New Ingress Badges: Trekker, Engineer and SpecOps


Agents, 3 brand new Ingress Badges are just added to your profiles. From now you can get level up your Trekker, Engineer and SpecOps badges, and they are all counted towards leveling up.


Trekker Badge

Is given to agents stats of total distance that they walked while playing ingress. This badge will count all your previous mileage and give you appropriate credit.

The badge have same tiers/levels like other badges:

  • Bronze: 10 km
  • Silver: 100 km
  • Gold: 300 km
  • Platinum: 1000 km
  • Black: 2500 km


Engineer Badge

To unlock this badge you will need to deploy mods on portals. This stat is new in the agent profile and it started counting from early December 2014. The prior mod deploys are not counted, so we all start fresh on this one. [Finally Link Amps are useful for something]


  • Bronze: 150
  • Silver: 1500
  • Gold: 5000
  • Platinum: 20000
  • Black: 50000


SpecOps Badge

This badge is based on number of unique missions the agent did complete. This stat already exist on agent profile, and this badge will count all the data from the beginning.


  • Bronze: 5
  • Silver: 25
  • Gold: 100
  • Platinum: 200
  • Black: 500

Dear agents, wish you luck with new badges, they represent recognition for all the work and time you spent playing this game. Now, I’m left with trying to calculate how many years it will take me to deploy 50000 mods o_O, take care.

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  1. no, no, no, you don’t need it to be on, in fact, you don’t even need to have it on you, you can leave it at home, walk around wherever you want and it will count.

  2. Sung by the (Ingress Metric) Proclaimers:
    “And I have walked 10 hundred Kilometers,
    And I must walk 15 hundred more.
    To be the one who’s walked 25 hundred kilometers
    To get that Onyx Score!”

    • burreburrito on

      I have read this question around a few times and from what I have gathered this applies:
      * You must move slow enough (about 5 mph or 7 kmph)
      * You must continuously interact with the scanner (not only have it running, but actually do things like hacking)
      If you are out taking longer walks it could potentially be enough that you start off by hacking (or similar action) on a “start portal”, and then make sure to do some action (like recharge, if there are no portals around) at least when you are changing direction. It will never be nearly as correct as a pedometer or using contiuous GPS tracking though…

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3 New Ingress Badges: Trekker, Engineer and SpecOps

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