Intel Update: Regional Scores and Link Draw Tool


Ingres Intel Map finally got some deserved attention and updates today. After return of Passcode redeem box, few banners, removing capture date and other small enhancements, Intel finally has something new to offer.

Regional scores

This is probably first new feature that you will see. Below global score, now you can directly see regional score of the cell that is in the map view. That area has a dropdown expansion, and in it you can see: Name of the cell, current score, previous checkpoints and scores, top 3 players and time until next checkpoint.


In addition if you zoom out enough, you will see Region Bounds of the cell that is in center of your map view. Border style and gold color are similar to the Cell border we see in Ingress scanner.


Link Draw Tool

And now much more exciting feature. Intel planning is something that we always wanted integrated to the official maps. And before any tool, agents would simply screenshot, or print intel map and draw links, field art, or plan operations. Later on IITC created draw tools, and as something that enabled direct interaction with intel and portals was a welcoming change. But there were still features that we would love to have that are not part even of 3rd party tools.

Niantic did awesome jobs on this first tool. First it’s very intuitive, all you need to do to start is select one portal and in it’s portal info window you will see new select icon.


After you select it, you will enter drawing mode, that origin portal will be selected and now you need to select destination portal to link to it.


Destination portal can be selected by just hovering over it, and clicking on select icon, or by directly clicking on the destination portal.


At the end we have a gold link between two portals, with close icon in the middle of it. You can repeat this action number of times, and plan numerous of links. And you can draw links between any portals, enlightenment or resistance and even neutral ones. Also when you need it, there is a Clear button in top right corner that will help to clear all the links you draw at once.

And now to best feature of this tool!

Link Clashing Detection!

When you draw link between two portals, if there is any link that is in the way of this new planed link it will be highlighted! And not only the link but also portals that are anchors for it. Clashing links are displayed with dashing red line, and originating portals have a red border.


This is very useful feature, especially for planing very long links! Here we did a small stress test linking Montenegro to Italy and testing if all the clashing links and portals will display. When we zoomed and followed the link, each and every clashing link was highlighted! This was not possible with any way but manually before, and this is great progress for Intel map!


There are always places for improvement and for example it would be great if you draw a field to show on the map, and that it also check collision with other links that you drew.  One drawback that I experienced so far is that this feature is eating RAM memory like crazy, it can easily eat 2-3GB of RAM.

In any case, this is, in my opinion, the best Intel update so far, and I just can’t wait to see what they will update next.

What do you think, it this something you would use? And do you have some great Intel feature ideas or requests?

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  1. Just FYI, the IITC plugin ‘cross links’ had link block detection.

    Drawing on stock intel is nice, now it just needs a way to import / export drawings, sort out the memory holes, ability to draw range circles, ability to turn on / off layers, ability to draw long lines without having to zoom in to both source and target portal for each link (aka bookmarks / auto-draw), and the ability to change base map and it’ll have caught up to IITC circa December 2013.

  2. Oh hush Moses… Just because the link detection has a look-n-feel that is IDENTICAL (down to the color of the dashed line) does NOT mean that they were trying to copy IITC

    –> Niantic… Don’t get me wrong… I love the fact that you have pretty much stopped fighting with IITC and are concentrating on moving the bar Fwd again. but yeah, still need to work on getting the intel map to be more… responsive.

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Intel Update: Regional Scores and Link Draw Tool

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