3 years of Ingress and Vanguard Medal





This 3rd anniversary Ingress is celebrating with Vanguard Medal, given to all agents that reach Level 3 by 1st December 2015 – Midnight PT.

Vanguard Medal Levels:

  • Bronze – reach Level 3 and above
  • Silver – reach Level 9 and above
  • Gold – reach Level 13 and above
  • Platinum – reach Level 15 and above
  • Onyx – reach Level 16

In addition for next 2 weeks, from November 17th to December 1st, each portal will generate double Action Points (AP). For example, capture Portal will earn 1000 AP instead of 500 AP. As well hack output will be boosted at same time.
Also Ingress is inviting you to share your favorite memories with #IngressYearThree hashtag

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    • Because some people might still not be familiar / remember that higher ranked medals give the lower ranked medals (Onyx ranked badge for something will give you the platinum, gold, silver, and bronze for that ranked something). So by hitting 16, and getting Onyx, you’d still get the platinum from ‘hitting 15’.

      • Yeah, it would have been far better for them to have grouped 9, 10, and 11 together, then 12, 13, 14 together, and 15 & 16 solo.

        But I suppose they wanted to stop people from hitting L12, achieving L13, L14 or L15’s level of AP + badges, minus the missing 7th gold, then waiting for Dec 2nd to come, receiving the missing 7th gold via Vanguard, then getting popped up to L13/14/15… without having to actually acquire that final missing gold.

        Understandable (they wanted people to work for that 7th gold), but somewhat annoying. :/

  1. sartracker on

    I am level 13 and have not received the Gold badge. This article states “Gold – reach Level 13 and above”. I have been a 13 for quite some time.

  2. You had to be level 13 on Dec 1, 2015. This was a special badge for the 3rd year. You were awarded the badge based on your level on that day. You can not earn higher levels of the badge.

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3 years of Ingress and Vanguard Medal

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