[NEW] Glyph Hack Command Channel is Open


In Ingress 1.90.1 there is a new feature Glyph Hack Command Channel that activates just before the glyphing sequence, and you can send commands (glyphs) that will influence hack behavior and results.

When you start glyph hack, you are presented with glyph screen with COMMAND CHANNEL OPEN… message. Also on the top of the screen you have a small hint that either says ENTER “MORE” – GET MORE KEYS or ENTER “LESS” – GET FEWER KEYS.

Glyph Command Channel

So you have 2 seconds to enter a glyph command to the command channel, and after you enter or skip the commands you enter the standard glyph hack sequence behaviour.

So with hints we can deduct that you should enter glyphs MORE or LESS.

Glyphs More

With command MORE you REQUEST KEY, even if you already have keys for that portal in the inventory (you don’t need to put keys in capsules for this to work)


With command LESS you REQUEST NO KEY, even if you don’t have keys for that portal in inventory.

There is also an update in long press on the portal action menu, now there is additional action HACK NO KEY, with it you can request normal hack but without a key.

Request No Key Hack

In both use cases, there is still a possibility that even when you request a key you will not get it, this is similar behavior as hacking when you don’t have a key for that portal in the inventory.

This change will help with key inventory management, as now is not needed to put keys in capsules to obtain more keys for the same portal. As well enables us to not get unwanted keys and then drop them later on.

Command Channel is bringing more possibilities to the table, and maybe we can see more commands in the future, or more places where command channel could be used (who said android watches).

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  1. If the keys in capsules ( include MUFG ) and key lockers can use for link and recharge without take keys from them, it will be better for me to obtain more keys and recharged it easily !
    Since the hack no keys option, why no set it that can hack keys when we obtaining keys but not in capsules or lockers , its horrible with losting the keys while we drop keys for hack more !
    Plz make ingress easier in controlling !

  2. I checked and there is no update for ingress. I’m on version 1.89.1 … Is this version in beta for some users?

  3. Has anybody gotten this to work? I enter the “More” glyph during the “Channel Open” screen yet the behavior does not appear to be any different than if I didn’t do it.

  4. This is cool and all but I still feel the invantory is still to small maybe we can get bigger invantory from level 7 up that would be a much better change, or capsules that the content don’t add to your count!

  5. I’ve tried this with multiple configurations and not once have I gotten a key without dropping any I already have. Also have received a key after inputting less to command channel.

    What I noticed today, however was you can input multiple glyphs into the channel if you’re fast enough. The timer is per-glyph, so each glyph gives you a short while more to enter the next. After five or so it gives you a message “Glyph sequence too long”. This would indicate it can accept variable sized glyph sequences where you indicate the end of the sequence by waiting for the timer to run out.

  6. @BZAR0: I did read that you can input up to 8 glyphs while the channel is open. I have put “More” in 8 times and still no key. I am amazed that nobody has figured this out. I need to go key farm some portals and would like some more explanation.

  7. I can verify BZARO’s experience “I’ve tried this with multiple configurations and not once have I gotten a key without dropping any I already have” I hacked 3 different portals 4 x to burnout which I had 1 key for each. I entered the more command before glyph hacking each time and have yet to receive a second key.

  8. Okay, got it working now. I was tapping the “Command channel open” message to make it go away, but that was apparently counted as a glyph. Just start drawing on top (or under) the notification.

  9. Me too, I’ve done about 30 hacks with keys still in inventory, chosen Request key and haven’t got a single key. If I just move the keys to a capsule and don’t even enter the command channel, I get keys more often than not. It’s like there’s been no change at all in my update

  10. Don’t tap the “Command Channel Open” message. Just draw the glyph for requesting a key right away before “Command Channel Open” disappears and then wait for the usual glyph sequence to start. I threw a Multi hack and a Heatsink on a portal and hacked it 16 times. I ended up with 12 portal keys without having to ever move one to a capsule. I’ve been glpyh hacking a lot of portals for the last couple of days and get keys this way just as often as I did before “Command Channel” was available and I had to move keys to capsules. I like fielding and especially 6 – 8 layer fields. I no longer have to move keys around and try to keep track of what keys are in what capsules. I think this is one of the best updates in a long time and it saves a lot of time.

  11. Quick question, has the decay time on items on ground been changed to under an hour or was that just a fluke after thanksgiving?

  12. When the message “Command Channel Open” is displayed, it means the channel IS OPEN. Draw the More glyph, and then wait for the glyph sequence to complete. After the sequence completes, draw your sequence. Then you can either wait for the messages or at least wait until you get the percentage bonus note to display and then select Done.

    What I see is that if the portal “briefly” displays the button overlay, it usually means I got another key, which I can confirm by touching the portal to bring up the button overlay.

    If I don’t see that brief overlay before the gear starts showing up, it means I didn’t get an extra key.

    However, it works like a charm and I get extra keys more often than not.

    If you’re trying to input the More glyph too many times, it might be that you’re messing up the last attempt and that whichever glyph is entered last wins. Just enter it once and then leave it alone – unless that attempt was a failure to begin with. Get it right and then wait for normal glyphs to show up.

  13. What is the point of if it’s not Accurate? If you can hit “Less” and still get a key, then why bother with the function? I get that hitting “more” might give you an increased chance to get an extra key and allow you to get that extra key if you already have one in open inventory. Fine. But if you go to the trouble of actively saying “Hey I don’t want a key” then it should be 100% no key every time you use that function.

  14. PedroDePocaRoca on

    You can also enter “Simple” to have a longer view at the Glyphs and “Complex” for a more expert experience.

  15. You can also get them to be faster(complex) or slower(simple). Thus far is where me and my romabian squad got in decoding the command channel

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[NEW] Glyph Hack Command Channel is Open

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