Control Fields are used to capture MU (Mind Units) and so far they are the only big goal in Ingress. It’s measurable on the global scale, and you can always see the current status, in-game or on the Intel site. Control fields are triangles, made from links, and they offer the biggest AP reward in the game. Read this page to learn how to make them.



There are a few more rules for creating control fields:

  • Control fields are made by linking 3 portals together into a triangle
  • Control Fields can be made around another CF
  • All link rules apply here as well


There are a few tricks you need to learn so you can be more effective on the field:

Linking to portals that are inside the CF

Linking 2 portals that are within a field is impossible, but you can actually make a link from the corner of a CF to a portal within. This is also used as the last step in next trick so read it.

Overlapping Control Fields:

You can make one control field overlap another control field, this trick can be used in most situations, and some of the biggest fields are made using this tactic.

Here is a video explaining how to make 4 CF with 4 portals, and it uses both tricks mentioned above, they just got the last step wrong, it’s the last portal to the one in the middle, but you will get the point:

AP Gain:

+ 1250 AP