Ingress Factions: Enlightened & Resistance

There are two main Ingress Factions: The Enlightened and The Resistance. Both of them have the  same abilities in the game and they are fighting a war to save the Earth, both of them!


Enlightenment Faction Logo

The Enlightened faction wants to help Shapers to infiltrate Earth, and they believe that Shapers will help humankind evolve and that they will bring enlightenment to all people. The Enlightened are represented by the color green in the game.


Resistance Faction Logo

The Resistance faction fights to save the Earth from Shapers. The Enlightened say that the Resistance fears change and a better world. But the Resistance believes that the Shaper invasion will be the end of humankind, and they want to stop it. The Resistance are represented by the color blue in the game.

You choose between the two Ingress factions once you’re done with selecting your Agent ID:


Choose wisely!