Rare Capsules can hold up to 100 items, which count towards your Inventory. Capsules are reusable, and marked with a unique ID.  Like with Turrets and Force Amps, Capsules seem to only have a single rarity. It’s undetermined if smaller or larger Capsules will be released.

How much space does the Capsule take up in your inventory?

Only the contents of the Capsule + 1 (the Capsule itself) counts towards your inventory. If I were at item cap (2000), and you wanted to drop a Capsule with 50 items in it for me to pick up, I would have to get my inventory down to at least 1949.

If I put a key in a capsule does it count towards my key count?

No.  When you put keys (including multiples) in a capsule it does not count towards your key count, but does count towards your item count  therefore you are able to hack a new key without first having to drop the key on the ground, which makes them great for farming.



Can I put a Capsule in another Capsule?

What happens if I recycle the Capsule?

You will be given a confirmation prompt to recycle the Capsule or not. If you choose to recycle the Capsule, all it’s contents are recycled with it. You will receive the XM for the capsule plus all of the contents up to your maximum XM level.

Do Capsules have their own category in the Items list?

Yes.  You must access Capsules from the Capsule inventory section.

How do I get a Capsule?

You can either gain a capsule through hacking one, or by a passcode.

Are items usable while inside a Capsule?

No. You can’t fire an XMP, use Keys for links, Recharge, Recycle, etc. Pretend they don’t exist except for taking up room in your inventory.

How do I put items into the Capsule?

After opening the Capsule from your items list, tap LOAD. Find the item(s) you want to put into the Capsule, and tap the – or + buttons to specify the quantity. Tap the Transfer button to put the item(s) into the Capsule.


How do I take items out of the Capsule?

This works almost the same as depositing items into the Capsule. Tap UNLOAD, use – or + buttons to specify the quantity, and then tap Transfer to put the item(s) in your inventory.


Capsule recycle value is 100XM + the recycle value of any items within the capsule.