In Ingress you can drop any item. If you drop an item, it will show up on the map view, and depending on the level of item it will be a different size/colour. Dropping items is also the only item trading mechanic in the game, so if you want to give another Agent some of your items, you will need to drop them and they will have to pick them up. The lifetime of a dropped item is approximately 12 hours; after that they will decay. Due to the recent release of the capsule item, mass item drops are now possible as opposed to the old method of having to drop and pickup each item separately.  Capsules can hold 100 of any combination of items whether they be bursters, portals keys, viruses, mods or resonators.  They are rare to hack and extremely useful so hold onto them. You cannot place a capsule inside a capsule. If you want to just get rid of items which aren’t worth passing on, we suggest using the  Recycle option, we need to save our world. Give a hoot, don’t pollute, recycle your items. Remember, if you don’t hack portals, you can’t pick up items like Ada Refactors, Jarvis Viruses, capsules and Power Cubes so it’s a good idea to always leave some room in your inventory.  Also, be careful dropping items, as anyone else can pick them up, including opponents.  If you must drop, do so away from portals or make sure someone is there to pick them up quickly to avoid stolen items.

Dropped item art:

Some agents took their time to make some art from their dropped items, and here are some examples, if you know about more dropped item art, send it to us so we can update this gallery.