The Force Amplifier is used to increase the Force of portal defense. Its one of the 5 new Portal Mods from Ingress v1.28. This is a good defensive mod, and combined with the Portal Shields and the Turret mods can make it a hell of a hard time for someone who attacks your portal!


Each deployed Force Amplifier increases the attack damage of a Portal depending on its type. We only have the Rare type for now and we will update new values as soon as we get the info:

  • Rare = +2x Damage 

Decreased stats on each new Force Amplifier deployed:

With every deployed Force Amplifier you get less and less benefit from them, so keep that in mind so you will be more efficient in your use of amplifiers. This is a way to discourage the deployment of the same mods on portal and to keep portals from being too powerful.

  • First one = +1x damage
  • Second one = +0.25x damage
  • Third one = +0.125x damage
  • Forth one = +0.125x damage

With only one Rare Force amplifier you get 2x damage and with 4 Force amplifiers you only get 3x damage! So don’t put more than one Force Amplifier on a Portal!

Deploying Rare Force Amplifier

Deploying Rare Force Amplifier



Rare Force Amplifier

Rare Force Amplifier

XM Cost:

Same as all other Portal Mods

  • Common = 400 XM
  • Rare = 800 XM
  • Very rare = 1000 XM